The Shut Off Switch That Stops Fear and Worry

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Have you ever wished you had a shut-off switch that stops worry, anxiety and fear from churning in your mind and body?  In this article we’ll discuss some tools you can use to stop thoughts and images, that trigger worry and anxiety. And, when you learn how to use these tools it’s like having an automatic shut-off switch that stops fear in its tracks.

There are 3 steps needed to stop the mind from spiraling out of control with worry, anxiety and fear. The circle of change diagram gives an overview the three primary ways.

Some tools to stop worry, anxiety and fear are conscious mind techniques. These are easy to learn on your own, and we begin with them because they will give you a quick way to start. Although not the complete answer they do put you back in control of your own mind.

There is even a self-hypnotic technique where you touch of two fingers together to have instant calm. This is great when you need a clear, focused mind for doing new things.   As you add more tools to your toolbox of skills you can pick the ones you like best and combine them, for motivation and passion.

Yes, it is also possible to change the underlying programming that has been triggering fear, worry and anxiety. When you add these to the beginning set of tools it’s like putting the shut-off switch on automatic. At the end of the article I’ll tell you how get more information on combining all three methods.

So let’s begin beginning with the primary set of tools.  Then as you get more experience with creating magic on the mind-body level we can add intermediate and advanced tool to get the mind and body working together in harmony.

So what is going on when the mind spirals out of control?

There you are sitting in your living room, watching TV, reading a book or relaxing, when out of the blue you are feeling anxious. You might wonder why you are feeling agitated. It might seem like nothing is going on yet, your body is not feeling right. Perhaps if you are aware of body signals you’ve already noticed that your heart is beating faster than usual. Or it might be you notice a tightness in your stomach, or it’s just an uneasy feeling –something feels unsettled.

The beginning steps:
1. Stop for a moment, take a breath, think back.
2. Think about what was going through your mind a few moments before your body reacted.
3. What was happening in your environment, what was happening on TV.
4. Begin to recall any thoughts that were going through your mind, a few moments before your body reacted.
5. TIP: Sometimes thoughts move so fast that you won’t notice then in the moment. So take a moment to pause and look back to find them.

What happens before the mind racing downward spiral?
As you think back you’ll begin to realize that there was either an image or a thought that starts the anxiety, fear, body reaction cycle.  And once the mind starts racing, the negative thoughts build, one on top of another. The mind works so fast, you didn’t realize you were creating pictures of all the terrible things that might happen.

Thoughts that create worry are not typically about something happening in the present moment.  Read More in the next article . . .

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