Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?

Anxiety  *  Tension  *   Fear  * Feeling Stuck

 Stomach Pain  *   Rapid Heartbeat  * Headaches

Sleep Disturbances  * Frustration  * Procrastination

Racing Mind   *   Worry   *    Fatigue

Colitis        *       IBS      *       Crohn’s Disease

I Can Help You Change Your Life!


Audrey Sussman PhD, LCSW, LMHC, NBCCH

The Anxiety Control Center’s Transformation System uses a blend of techniques called Cognitive-Behavioral-Hypnosis.  Using this system it is possible to get to the root of panic, anxiety, fear, sadness, procrastination, worry, anger, migraines, IBS and pain.  Because we can change the inner faulty programs that trigger the symptoms, there is no need to continue to suffer with these issues.

People coming to our Center have found that it is possible to be freed of these life draining symptoms.  Years of research and practice went into this unique System of relief.  If you are still suffering give our Transformation System a chance to work for you.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Irritable Bowel Syndrome controlled my life for over 20 years. Panic attacks brought me to therapy. I learned skills that enabled me to do things I had never dared before. The panic is gone. The IBS is under control.  K.C.

I started therapy at the Anxiety Control Center because I was completely drained of energy.  I was so depleted I was hard to accomplish anything.  It was difficult to even talk about how bad I felt.  I was truly amazed after just four sessions at how energized I felt. The Positive Future Rehearsal is one of my favorite techniques, it makes it seem effortless  – almost as if I am being pulled towards the goals I want to achieve. M.H.

When I first started learning these techniques, I was very doubtful they would work for me. I was delightfully amazed when I was able to use these skills to get rid of migraine headaches. M.G.

You Too Can Get Lasting Relief from:

 Fear of Flying   *   Speech Anxiety
Procrastination  * Anger * Depression * Exhaustion
Dental Phobias  *  Chronic Pain  *  Panic
Migraines   *   Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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