Recommendation: “Audrey has been impacting scores of lives positively by making sure that her skills help others. Growing up the ladder consistently for about three decades, Audrey has been the light at the end of the tunnel for many who have had psychological issues. Her good work has influenced and motivated many not only because of her skills but also her commitment and untiring dedication. Anil Kumar

I first saw Audrey in her Cherry Hill office, but due to a job change I moved to another state.  We continued our sessions using  “i-chat” or the phone.  I was skeptical at first that the phone consultations would be as powerful as the fact-to-face time together.  These sessions are working.  Something inside has “quieted,” I now am having weeks and weeks of feeling good with no urgency or panic.  A.P.

After about 6 sessions of hypnotherapy I find my thoughts shift quickly and I can let go of panic and anxiety almost without thought. I am able to see things objectively, so it is possible to move towards fulfilling the connections and relationships that what in my life.  I.A