7 step formula for changing negative mantras 2

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Continuation for yesterdays post: Creating the state of mind your desire.

I welcome your feedback and questions, and will write more on the specific question you send.  To contact Audrey with your questions click here.

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The formula for Life Changing Mantras

The formula for Life Changing Mantras

As I was writing this article I realized that it is important for me to share some more information on the power of using your own mind. So, before I finish with the 7 step formula for life changing mantras, I will give you what I feel are 3 Vital Secrets your need to begin to think about when creating the state of mind you desire.

Secret 1: Thoughts have vibrations, positive thoughts will attract the other positive ones. Negative thoughts will attract more negative ones.

Secret 2: What you persistently hold in your mind will become the reality as it becomes part of the workings of your unconscious mind.

Secret 3: You can tap into the unlimited potential held in the unconscious part of the mind to achieve what you desire.

Quite simply, mantras are the things we tell ourselves. For example, on the golf course if you felt annoyed because of a badly played hole, it wouldn’t be a problem if you were able to start fresh on the next hole.  But, when one negative thought leads to the next it can destroy your focus for the rest of the game.  And when it follows you after you leave the course you have a negative mantra that is playing havoc with your state of mind.  There are 7 steps you can put into play to stop this disabling habit of negative mantras.

When people think of mantras they usually think about those used in eastern religions for positive spiritual change.  And although you might not have such a fancy name for it, the chances are that you probably use positive mantras yourself, everyday.    A mantra could be what you say to yourself to get psyched up for a big meeting,  a golf tournament or going out to a social event.  Or what you tell yourself in order to stay positive when life is getting you down. When mantras are positive and constructive, they can help us enjoy our lives and achieve our goals.  But the negative things we tell ourselves can also act as mantras, leading us in an undesired direction.

Negatives mantras “playing in the back of your mind” can cause. . .   more to come tomorrow.

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Review of Stress Relief Workshop

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Thank you all for the intense questions on getting relief from panic. I enjoyed working with you at the Hypnosis Quick “Cure” workshop. I’m looking forward to hearing how the techniques are working.

Exciting news!
I’m opening up the next Online Coaching Workshop
to new participants.
Please call 917-399-2102 for information.
As promised here is an overview of the things we talked about. 
  1. Three ways to break the stress cycle, using the 3-part system for stress relief.
  2. Why to use hypnotic techniques to release stuck emotions
  3. The quickest way to change a negative emotion. Using an NLP exercise called changing sub-modalities.
  4. The link for the video guide for the Calming “HAAA breath
    (this is once choice that can be used to make a change at the physical level) To see other choices click here
  5. Two pars of the Mind:
    a.  Conscious: is what we are aware of.
    Unconscious: where memories are stored.
    c. The unconscious part of the mind has the solutions.
    d. When the doorway to unconscious information is created, it is possible to create serenity, confidence and calm . 
  6.  Create a calming “anchor,” with the touch of two fingers or by using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic cues. 
In the next 4-module coaching workshop we will be adding many new skills  to the “toolbox” of stress relief techniques.
I hope you’ll decide to sign up
Call 856-751-9446 or 917-399-2102 for information.

Looking forward to having you become a part of our supportive online community.  Where you can learn many of the skills I use in private hypnotherapy session., 

It’s only $450 for all 4-modules. Plus, it’s a really fun class.
Each session will be chock full of information,
with answers to your questions,
and real life examples for
reducing anxiety, changing overwhelm,
frustration.worry and stress.

Call now, for more details on the 4 module workshop

NJ  856-751-9446         NY 917-399-2102

change your life this year.


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Cognitive and Behavioral Tips for Anxiety Relief

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Stress Lessons: 
As a hypno-therapist I believe we can do more than just manage stress, anxiety, fear, worry, and panic.  I have found over the years that it is possible to change the panic reaction to one of safety and calm.   The techniques I prefer are ones that allow us to get to the root of where the panic reactions comes from (the unconscious).  When we work that way lasting change happens.

Yet, I have also found that there are many cognitive and behavioral techniques that can help as well.  These techniques help people feel more in control.

Whenever we find something that our clients find useful, we add it to our “toolbox” of stress relief tips.  Today I’ll start with the first few from the list that my clients came up with.  These are techniques that can be done on your own, ones that help to manage, or bring down panic and anxiety.

It’s a good place to start, don’t get discouraged if they don’t all work for you, everyone is different, and remember for true, lasting relief it is still important to get to the underlying stuffed emotions.

Tip 1:  What I learned about anxiety.
Mary (name changed)
#1.  Don’t even try to get rid of it.  Embrace it and just let it be.
#2.  Think about what might the message be, what is your body trying to tell you.
#3.  Use a breathing exercise (link to breathing for calm)
#4.  Use a relaxation exercise (where you imagine each part of your body relaxing)
#5.  Continue to accept the anxiety by telling yourself that it’s OK to be upset, or not happy.  It’s OK to feel anger, let it come out –  don’t try to hide it.  Just notice the feelings.
#6.  Tell yourself “all feelings are valid”.

Tip 2:  Life has it hurdles
Comes from Tom (name changed)
#1.  Know it is I normal to have upsets in life.
#2.  Admit to yourself, yes it is hard to have panic attacks, it is hard to feel afraid of your own bodily reactions.
#3.  Turn it around and think about what there can be to learn.  What has having panic given you?    There is learning in any obstacle.
#4.  It’s OK to feel alone, and while having panic it is understandable that it’s scary to be alone.
#5.  All your feeling are OK, we all have feelings, upset, alone and that life is unfair.
Change the “why me” questions to  “what is this about.”  That small shift in questions makes a difference in what answers your get.
#6.  Most important is that feelings are a normal part of life. They pass.  See it as an opportunity to grow.

Tip #3.  I can handle it!
Comes from Kaila (name changed)
#1.  The one statement that really helped is “I can handle it”.
#2.  No matter what is going remember you have survived, even when you thought you might not.
#3.  People with panic disorder are not fragile, it takes a very strong person to “do every day” with panic in the background.
#4.  Look back on all the things you’ve accomplished (even with the panic).  Remind yourself all that you are capable of.

Tip #4.   Others feel the same way.
Comes from Ed.
#1.  I’m not weird.  Lots of very “sane” successful people have panic attacks.
#2.  When I passed a client coming in for their appointment, I thought that person looked normal, they must not have panic.  Then Audrey told me that person had panic too and that maybe that person was thinking the same about me.
#3.  So I guess my tip is I’m not alone, others have similar fears even when logically there is nothing to be afraid of.

Tip #5.  Expand your comfort zone.
Comes from Fran.
#1.  Feel the fear, do it anyway.
#2.  Even if you think you can’t, do something in the direction of what you want to do.
#3.  One small step, some action will make you feel better about yourself.
#4.  Stop beating yourself up for having panic, take a small step every day.

And the last tip comes from a workshop I took with Alex Mandossian –
He said – Turn “I can’t” to “I CAN” !!!
I have found that just changing the words makes a difference.  It’s as if the unconscious mind accepts the “I can” message and frees you up to start.

So that’s it for today.   As always I would enjoy hearing from you, with any tips you have found helpful. Click here to contact Audrey at my personal email.

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Relief from Depression & Fear – Tools for easy trance using the hypnotic set-up.

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In the last post I started discussing the “set up” for successful hypnosis.  Today I’ll continue with some of the basic steps you might have in your first hypno-therapy session including the hypnotic “set up” for easy trance work.

I’ve received a few e-mails asking me to add some specific exercises for opening up the unconscious.  I will give a number of questions you can use to start the process getting to the deeper desires and goals that are stored in the unconscious mind.

Because each person, and the issues they come to the Anxiety Control Center with are different, the steps we take will also be unique for each individual.   Below is a sample of some of the steps and techniques.

Step 1.  We start each session by talking together.  We discuss what blocks are present, and look at patterns and issues.  We might discuss family history, traumas, worries and fears.  We also talk about coping skills and positive things that have happened.

During the set up it might seem like we are just talking, yet our clients find that this is a very important part of the hypnotic “set up.”   There are numerous  NLP and hypnotic techniques that the hypno-therapist might use during the first session.   The specific “wording” that is used helps to open up the mind.  Even during the first session   shifts might be felt.    And as a benefit,  you’ll find that as the mind opens up with each session, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make changes in old patterns.

Step 2:   Getting to the the underlying goals.  What you would like to accomplish if it were possible (and of course it is possible.)
Following are some questions you can use:
Have a piece of paper ready and write down the answers to the following questions:  We start with the first two questions and then go into the “magic wand” technique to open the mind up for the deeper possibilities.

  1. What would make a major difference in your life?
  2. What would have to change to make that difference? (emotions, beliefs, new way of reacting etc.)
  3. Use this next technique to get into your most creative state of mind.”MAGIC WAND TECHNIQUE”
  4. Imagine that you have a “magic wand.”  This magic wand is so powerful that waving it over yourself will change even the most  ingrained patterns and blocks.
  5.  As you are imagining this wand being waved over yourself ask yourself:
  6. What changes would you make if you had this magic wand?
  7. Just let your mind flow as you write down whatever comes to mind.
  8. Be creative, just allow yourself to write down even this most “out there” desires.

Step 3.  When talking about your goals, we start with the “tip of the iceberg” which are issues that people come to the Anxiety Control Center with.    This topic will be continued in the next post.

Would you like to learn a way to instantly reduce your stress, get relief from fears and phobias?  Inter­act with a National Board Cer­ti­fied Clin­i­cal Hyp­no-ther­a­pist and get answers on how to get relief from anger, sad­ness, hurt, and other emotional blocks.

There are two ways.
1. Private hypnotherapy sessions
2. Online group coaching.

For a either a private session or group coaching workshop email Audrey and let her know what you would like help with.  We will do our best to get you in quickly as we can.

If you are inter­ested in lean­ing about the most effec­tive ways to get rid of exhaus­tion, self-doubt, pro­cras­ti­na­tion panic, and even Migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome reg­is­ter for our next Online Coaching Course.  The next coaching sessions will start in October 2012 and go for 4 weeks.

Please send ques­tions you would like answered to Audrey.   To get more information for the October 2012 Online Coaching Calls click here.

Sign up on the box on the upper right corner of this page
to get your first stress relief exercises.

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Is Hypnosis right for you? Stop for Panic, Anxiety, Fear and Worry – 2

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Let’s look at why I so highly recommend using the techniques that are in the Anxiety Control Center’s Transformation System.

First:  It uses the best techniques from cognitive and behavioral therapies.  And it combines them with hypnotic and Neuro-linguistic programming techniques that I have found work best for anxiety and panic relief.

Second: Unless you get rid of the root of the problem, it can manifest again and again in different forms throughout your life.

Third:  Hypnosis is the quickest way I have found to discover and deal with the roots of the problem.

So what do this mean you you, if you are suffering with panic, fear or are  feeling blocked.  The reason we include hypnosis and the use of trance is:

1.  By going into a slightly altered, or trance state, you can uncover the root of  present day issues.
2. A hypnotic trance state can help you to gain control over the anxiety and fear that blocks you from living your life to the fullest.
3. In a trance state you can re-program the underlying causing underneath the issues.
4. Old negative programs can be re-structured so you can develop confidence, serenity and calm.
5. Even health issues can be looked at in a new way, in a hypnotic state.   We have seen seemingly miraculous changes using NLP combined with hypnotic techniques.  Even long standing issues such as migraine headaches, IBS respond really well to the Transformation System.
6. And the most important reason I use hypnotic techniques is that it doesn’t just treat symptoms, it treats underlying causes.

Click here to ask a question of our staff.  Sometimes we get so many similar questions that we do an online seminar where you can have assess to our experts in person.  So please send your questions.

Once again, if you are suffering from Anxiety and Fear.  If you have a procrastination problem, feeling overwhelmed, blocked, or feeling sad or depressed –  help is available.  Hypnosis is just one of many ways that you can find the answers to living a fuller and more complete life.

If you are ready to learn more about hypnotic techniques and learn some new methods to deal with anxiety,
fear and worry  click here.   For only $10 you can get the 90 minute MP3 podcast of containing stress relief tips.
It will be available for a limited time.  Our new online coaching sessions will start in March 2012.

Don’t delay one more second.  If you are suffering, click here now.

You have nothing to lose and a better life to gain.

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Panic, Anxiety and Fear – Relief tips

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* Irritability  *  Tension  *  Headaches  *
*  Upset Stomach  *  Rapid Heartbeat  *
*  Difficulty Breathing  *  Excessive Worry  *  Fatigue *
*   Sleep Disturbances  *

At the Anxiety Control Center, we have developed
an exciting program specialized to relieve panic, anxiety,
and health issues such as migraines and irritable bowel
syndrome. Clients have achieved lasting transformations
with this program which uses a combination of hypnosis,
NLP, cognitive and behavioral techniques.

Sign up for your first stress relief exercises
on the right side of this page.

Click here to get the 90 minute Mp3
on learning to use the part of the mind that
controls anxiety, fear and stress reactions.

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Letting Go of Anxiety and Fear Through Hypnosis 2

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Continuing with information about hypnosis and letting go of anxiety and fear:

We were talking yesterday about hypnosis and fears of being out of control.  There are 2 types of hypnosis.
1. Ericksonian (various techniques including: regression, parts work, anchoring, phobia cure etc.)
2. Classical (most commonly used for relaxation and suggestion).

In actuality no matter what  type of hypnosis is used you can’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do.  Because your body will not accept suggestions that are not right for you.  Even in a deep trance state you remain in  control of your actions.

Because most of our clients have some type of anxiety or panic, I have found that it is vitally important for success for my clients to feel aware and in control.

A client of mine who used our Transformation System to get rid of her migraines, sent me a cartoon that I feel demonstrates how the hypnosis we use at the Anxiety Control Center feels.

In this cartoon there is a man,  with his feet stuck to the ceiling, head hovering above the floor.  The caption reads:   “I still don’t think I am hypnotized.”  This cartoon illustrates an important point about hypnosis:  you can make immense changes in your life without feeling hypnotized.  The trance state helps you to access deep within where it is possible to make positive changes with apparent ease.

What makes hypnosis such a powerful tool is that  by going directly to the subconscious mind. . .

to be continued tomorrow.

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Free Anxiety Relief Workshop

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Audrey Sussman PhD & Tish Schuman LPC from the Anxiety Control Center will be presenting the workshop Hypnosis “Quick Cure” For Stress Relief at the 12th Annual Women’s Health Conference. 

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011.
Where:  Eastern High School, Laurel Oak Road, Voorhees, NJ.
Cost:  FREE

This interactive workshop will get you on the path of reducing stress and getting rid of emotions that have been weighing you down.  This workshop is paced to give information in a quick, fun and  relaxed manner.

For information please email us at: askdraudrey@gmail.com.
Leave your name and and email address and we will get back to you with registration information.

Registration is necessary because our workshop fills up quickly

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