Is hypnosis safe?

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The Purpose of Worry

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Audrey Sussman PhD works with successful people who get stressed, procrastinate or feel overwhelmed.   She helps them to transform the inner-critic that causes anxiety, procrastination and worry, into a positive life enhancing guidance system that automatically triggers calm, creativity and motivation needed to move forward with ease.

Click  below to watch the video on ways to stop worry.  If you enjoy writing join us for the next retreat go to:

This was taken in Costa Rica where Audrey Sussman PhD goes each year to give Screen Writers new ways to increase focus and flow that enhances their inner potential.  In the clip we are discussing how to stop procrastination by releasing blocks that limit potential.

Would you like to have a system to:
1. Calm a racing mind in just seconds, without medication? 

2. Give you the blueprint for setting any goal, so you can’t help but achieve it?

3. Learn how to re-program your own unconscious so you no longer feel stuck, procrastinate, or have worry that drains your energy?

4. And have a way to have all of this set on automatic?

Then I have something you will want to know about.
email Audrey for more information on the next group coaching. 






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Hypnosis, is it safe? Can it stop anxiety, fear and panic?

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Questions People are asking about Hypnosis:

Question 1: I’m afraid of using hypnotic techniques but I do want to get rid of my IBS, anxiety and fear!  I don’t want to feel out of control, and I don’t want anyone to make me do something, I wouldn’t want to do.

Question 2:  I don’t think I can be hypnotized.  I find it difficult to relax, my mind keeps spinning with worry, so I’m skeptical about using hypnosis and don’t think it would work for me.

Audrey Answers:
Hypnosis can be as simple as just focusing inward.  Sort of paying attention to what is going on inside of your body.  It’s call an inward focused state.  And the best thing is that you can be totally aware of everything that is said, by the hypnotherapist, as well as have the option of what you choose to do or not.

There are different forms of hypnosis, I’ll go into that in a moment.  
Therapeutic hypnosis is very different from stage hypnosis.  Stage hypnotists are there to give a good show.  Licensed hypno-therapists use hypnotic techniques and have a different goal.  Therefore you are completely aware of what is happening, and you are part of the team with your hypnotherapist.  One of the goals of doing this type of hypnotic work is to help you to tap into your inner potential and to gain power and confidence in you own abilities.

Is hypnosis safe?

There are also different types of hypnosis.
1. Stage hypnosis uses a form of Classical hypnosis to create a trance state where the mind is more open to suggestion.  People who do these stage shows are experts at classical hypnosis and are also adept at picking people who would be willing to be on stage and are open to suggestion.

2. Therapeutic or Medical hypnosis can also use classical techniques.  But, I have found that for people with anxiety or worry a different form of hypnosis is more effective  In this form you are part of the team with your hypnotherapist.  And because you are part of the team it is possible to get healing on the deepest level, kind of like finding your own inner guidance system and making it work for your benefit.

From my years of research and study I developed a system I  call Cognitive-Behavorial-Hypnosis, it combines the older techniques of cognitive/behavioral therapy, within the hypnotic state of mind.

The type of hypnosis that I find works better than classical hypnosis is called Ericksonian Hypnosis.  And when combined with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), for the specific issues of anxiety, panic and bowel distress it has proved to be the answer. At the Anxiety Control Center we’ve been use this amazing combination for many years,  our clients get the ultimate result they seek: Freedom from panic, anxiety, pain and bowel/gastric distress.

More about they type of hypnosis I recommend.
Since my speciality is panic, worry, anxiety, IBS and pain I developed a way of helping my clients to uncover the old, faulty programs that trigger these symptoms.  And, all done in a state of mind where they are in control and a part of the process, as they learn how to use their own mind in a new enhancing way.

Question 3:  Why use cognitive-behavioral-hypnosis for anxiety and worry?
Audrey Answers: It works! People make changes in just sessions, that would take years and years of talk therapy.
a.  When in an inward focused, hypnotic state, it is possible to draw on information and resources not possible in to “conscious” state.
b. When the mind is open and curious you get out of the stuck  or problem state.
c. Solutions to even the most difficult problems appear almost effortlessly.
d. Learn how to gain distance so you can decrease the emotional charge on unsettling events.  
e.  And it is possible to release the emotions from traumatic events. When emotions are released old reactions patterns and old beliefs that are holding you back can change easily.  It is like re-booting a computer, with new programs, and patterns available.

1. We can create a inner trance state, without the need of relaxation or giving up control.  It is a skill that can be learned and only seconds are needed to get into it.  Being awake, in control and aware yet in a inward focused (trance) state is where deep change can happen.

2. The self-hypnotic trance state can be accessed in just seconds. There is no need for long exercises to get into a relaxed state. The bonus of learning self-hypnotic techniques is that when you have relief from symptoms of anxiety and worry,  you can learn to use other hypnotic techniques for healing and to trigger instant relaxation.

3. Using hypnosis allows you to focus inward. All that is needed is slightly altered our state of consciousness.  You will be aware of all that goes on.  When seeking hypnotic work be sure the person is a licensed trained professional in addition to being a hypnotist.  That way you can be sure they are bound by  ethics of the profession and that  no one will be making anyone do anything they wouldn’t want to do.

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I’ve been helping people to break free of IBS, anxiety, fear and worry for many years, now I’m opening up my program to new clients.  If you want to get relief without medication sign up for one of the Discovery Consultations time slots I’m offering.

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Mind-Opening Exercise – Shifting Away From Worry And Fear

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Mind-Opening technique
for shifting away from worry and fear.

I hope you will experiment with this next exercise.    It’s one you can use anytime you feel your mind racing with worry, fear, anxiety and even bodily pain. It is especially useful when you start questioning yourself as to “why” you are feeling a certain way.

“The Mind-Opening” technique is one I have been using for years to help my clients to shift from “head or conscious part of the mind”  answers to the  “ heart” or inner unconscious mind answers.

Note:  It is always wise to check with your doctor when you have physical sensations.  First we want to rule out any possible health problems.  Once you have been the doctor route and they tell you that everything is working normally, then it is time to go to the mind-body level to start the healing and release emotions.

The body and mind are interconnected, many times symptoms are the bodies way of letting you know that there is something that needs to be paid attention to. Something that needs to be looked at and worked out.  Or an emotion that needs to be released.

 Opening the link to solutions
in the unconscious part of the mind

This exercise is to help you shift your thoughts from the conscious part of the mind to the unconscious part.  The simple change in the questions we ask of ourselves will automatically shift the answers from unhelpful and limited “head” answers, to the part of the mind that actually has the answers that will be productive for you.

When to use this exercise?

Anytime you feel anxiety, fear, worry, and anytime you get a physical sensation that goes along with the anxiety fear or worry.

For example, if you notice that you are feeling anxiety and your chest is feeling tight.

Step 1:  Begin by “listening in” to the thoughts and questions that are going through the mind.
Here are some examples of conscious mind (unhelpful) thoughts and questions.

a.  Why am I feeling this way? Is there something wrong with my heart?  What if it doesn’t stop?

  1. Why is this happening to me?
  2. What’s wrong with me?
  3. Why does this always happen?
  4. Why can’t I stop this terrible feeling?
  5. When will these terrible feelings stop?

How do you know there are not helpful questions?

Step 2:  Notice the answers that come to your mind when you ask questions like the ones in Step 1.

For most people the answers you will get from the “why” and “what if”  questions will be ones that make you feel even worse.  They stimulate the “negative voice” that leads to self-blame and more stress.  Or they lead you to create images of terrible things you fear might happen which creates more worry, fear, pounding heart, tight chest or stomach issues.

Step 3: Creating a Curious State of Mind.

Before you can go to Step 4 and where you will begin to use the new set of questions, it is important to have your mind in a curious state. A state of true wonder and openness.

If the tone you are using is a blaming or fearful one, you will not be able to get to the deeper productive answers.

People with anxiety at typically curious about many things.   So use your inate sense of curiousity to truly wonder what answers your unconscious mind might deliver to you.

Get into a “curious” state of mind.  That is that state where instead of asking a questions of yourself in the angry sounding “tone” of voice, you ask yourself the questions in a curious sounding tone of voice.

Step 4:  Using a more productive set of questions.

When you feel overwhelmed, fearful, worried or anxious.
For Example, you might say:     I’m really curious about “X”  (fill in the “X” for any body symptoms, feelings or thoughts).

Example:  I’m really curious about what that tightness in my chest is about?    I’m curious what the feeling of anxiety, fear, pain, tightness etc. is trying to tell me.

Another way to ask the question is:  I wonder what “X” is about?

The format of the Question is:   I really wonder, what this feeling is about?  (all said in a light curious tone of voice).

This may seem like just a simple shift. Yet it can give you dramatically different results than using the “why” or “what if” questions.

First of all, when you shift from the “why” question,  “Why is this happening?”  To the “what” question, What is this about?  The simple change of words from “Why” to “What” shifts the answer you will get from the “head” answer to the “heart” or “inner knowing” answer.

Why do you want the “heart” answer?
Because it gives you information that comes from deep within you. From the part of you that has a positive intention.

Because it begins to open the mind and connect it to the very creative (unconscious) part of yourself.

And BECAUSE:  The heart answer will give you information that will lead to understand what is truly going on, under the “surface.”

The Problem with the “head or conscious mind” answers.

The “head” (or conscious mind) answer is typically the “voice” that blames, makes you feel bad and gives you answers filtered through old negative beliefs.

Practice the excise is a part of the process of healing and learning more about what the body is trying to tell you.  There are many other more advanced exercises to help you to get to your  inner creative and powerful core of knowing.  Yet, even at this beginning level you might be surprised at what you will find out about yourself.  

Think of reactions as the tip of an iceberg.  What shows up in the iceberg is only a very small part of what lies underneath.  We want to have the skills to go to underlying issues that are getting in the way.   Causing reactions of fear, worry and unhappiness.

So we start with a not only a change in the “tone” you use on yourself when stressed, but also a change in the question itself.  By using the questions in the Mind-Opening exercise, your mind becomes open and curious.

And what people have found is that just this tiny shift in question and tone creates an “environment” where the mind and body can begin to communicate and give you answers that help to change direction from blaming to finding helpful stress reducing answers.

If you’ve been hoping to find someone who can show you how to get relief from anxiety, stress, worry, if you want to be inspired as you learn to use you mind start the process, you can start with the free video guide for a powerful, mind calming exercise  go to

About the author: Audrey Sussman PhD began her quest to find a way to get relief from anxiety after suffering with panic for many years. Now she is a nationally recognized hypnotherapist, seminar leader and author. Years of study and practice lead to the Transformation System for the relief of panic, phobias, migraines & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Weight and Food Issues Resolved

Stress Relief Solutions Comments Off on Weight and Food Issues Resolved

If you’ve been feeling stuck, and have tried many things, maybe it’s time to get to the root of that is causing the problem.  There is a way to change unwanted programs using the system I developed called Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis.  Read more in the clients notes to Audrey Sussman PhD.

click on link for Page 1Client Success – Weight and Food Issues Resolved

click on link for Page 2: Weight Issues Gone. A Client tells of how she did it.

The next note I’ve included because it seemed to fit in with the theme of lightening up the weight of emotional grief, panic and fear.  The reason I share these letters is to show how clients have gotten almost instant relief using this amazing approach. 

Dear Audrey,
I feel like I lost 50 pounds today after our session,
I even took the highway back to my office!!!!
I was not panicky at all, just a little nervous.  And it went away!!
Now I feel like I am on top of the world.
I so glad to get back on track by seeing you Audrey.
Whenever I finally have a session
I can’t believe I let myself suffer so long before reaching out to you.
Let’s schedule our next session in 3 months
so I’m sure to come in before things get too heavy.  TC

To get your first video guide for calming the mind click on the link below: 
Mind Calming Video Guide



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No Fail Goal Setting hanout

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We had a great group at the Woman’s Conference.  Hope you are practicing self-hypnosis and getting relief from anxiety, worry and stress.   I enjoyed answering all of your questions and as promised I’ve given some links for the additional handouts.  These are on setting no-fail goals.

Remember to Sign up for the video guide for the calming the mind exercise at

If you have questions or want to sign up for the next online coaching workshop send email to Audrey by clicking here Just leave her a message and she will get back to you with the information.

Click on the three links below for the handouts from the workshop.

no-fail goal setting 2011

Handout 2016 no-fail goal setting

Sample of clients no-fail goal setting plan

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Stress Proof Your Children

Stress Relief Solutions Comments Off on Stress Proof Your Children

I was invited to do an interview as part of a series on Stress Proofing Children.  As I started to think about what I’d like to talk about – I decided to record of some of my ideas.  In the audio below I’ll be talking about how to de-stress the child that lives within and then I added some of the tools that I’ve given to my own 8 year old grandchild.

Click here to listen-in some ideas on using meditation with children for stress relief.

My thought’s for the day on
Stress Proof Children

A child who is regarded as important,
who is valued for the unique way he/she sees the world,
and who treated with respect, 
even when not at his or her best,
will form a positive self-concept.

A positive self-concept leads to self-esteem
which creates a protective barrier
from the stressors a child will face in life.
High self-esteem comes not only from achievements
but also from learning to accept mistakes
as part of learning new things.

Acceptance and affection
from the people who are important to us,
adds to our inner security and self-esteem.

Use the Calming the mind video guide
so you can really hear what others are saying.
Video Guide at:

The entire interview on stress-proofing children will be posted next week.


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Review of Stress Relief Workshop

Exercises and Tips, Procrastination, Worry Comments Off on Review of Stress Relief Workshop
Thank you all for the intense questions on getting relief from panic. I enjoyed working with you at the Hypnosis Quick “Cure” workshop. I’m looking forward to hearing how the techniques are working.

Exciting news!
I’m opening up the next Online Coaching Workshop
to new participants.
Please call 917-399-2102 for information.
As promised here is an overview of the things we talked about. 
  1. Three ways to break the stress cycle, using the 3-part system for stress relief.
  2. Why to use hypnotic techniques to release stuck emotions
  3. The quickest way to change a negative emotion. Using an NLP exercise called changing sub-modalities.
  4. The link for the video guide for the Calming “HAAA breath
    (this is once choice that can be used to make a change at the physical level) To see other choices click here
  5. Two pars of the Mind:
    a.  Conscious: is what we are aware of.
    Unconscious: where memories are stored.
    c. The unconscious part of the mind has the solutions.
    d. When the doorway to unconscious information is created, it is possible to create serenity, confidence and calm . 
  6.  Create a calming “anchor,” with the touch of two fingers or by using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic cues. 
In the next 4-module coaching workshop we will be adding many new skills  to the “toolbox” of stress relief techniques.
I hope you’ll decide to sign up
Call 856-751-9446 or 917-399-2102 for information.

Looking forward to having you become a part of our supportive online community.  Where you can learn many of the skills I use in private hypnotherapy session., 

It’s only $450 for all 4-modules. Plus, it’s a really fun class.
Each session will be chock full of information,
with answers to your questions,
and real life examples for
reducing anxiety, changing overwhelm,
frustration.worry and stress.

Call now, for more details on the 4 module workshop

NJ  856-751-9446         NY 917-399-2102

change your life this year.


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