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“Irritable Bowel Syndrome controlled my life for over 20 years. Panic attacks brought me to therapy. I learned skills that enabled me to do things I had never dared before. The panic is gone. The IBS is under control.” K.C.

“When I started therapy, I was completely drained of energy. I was truly amazed at how energized I felt after using a Positive Future Image.” M.H.

“When I first started learning these techniques, I was very doubtful they would work for me. I was delightfully amazed when I was able to use these skills to get rid of migraine headaches.” M.G.

“Your great insight is truly helping me understand how to communicate in a new and more effective way”. C.G

“I’m letting go of feeling like I was suppose to know everything about parenting and being more like myself.  I feel such a weight lifting off my shoulders”.  A.B.

“My anxiety now comes and goes, sometimes  a little bit more and at times so much less. That in itself feels like a miracle, it’s been 20 years and finally I feel like there is hope.  It is a journey and I remember your words when the anxiety shows it’s face”.  D.I.

“It helps to to know that I have feelings and needs as a parent . . .  I never recognized or understood that it was OK for me to have needs too.  I thought I was just supposed to keep giving and giving and meet my children’s needs all the time, even when it made me feel unappreciated.”  R.R

“I’m still adjusting to the knew skills, as I learn how to be an “active” listener and how to talk so others really hear what I feel.   I’m now communicating more of how I feel.  I definitely want to support others in who they are and how they feel and I too, just as I want to be supported in who I am and how I feel.”  M.K.

“Thanks for the recommendation of the book and for explaining it in a way that made it possible for me to follow.  You seem to understand what I’ve been experiencing with my panic and fear.  And as I practice the exercises they hit the places I need to release my fears.”  B.F.

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