Consultation: Get relief from anxiety worry and self-doubt

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Complimentary Consultation
with Audrey Sussman PhD

Find out about The Magic Toolbox that has helped successful, creative professionals to get free from anxiety, worry and procrastination so they can feel calm, focused and motivated when taking on new challenges:

In this consultation you’ll:
1. Get answers to breaking free from a racing thoughts.
2. Discover how to release pent up emotion.
3. Learn how to get free of procrastination and worry.
4. Have the next steps you can take for calm, focus and self-confidence.
5. During this consultation we’ll develop a plan for your specific situation.  

Call  917-399-2102 or email for a consultation. 

When you email Audrey please include
Best contact information
and a bit about what you’d like to get from the consultation
and what you wish could be different.

Audrey has created the formula for results. The more successful you are there more there is to do. Gain the keys to calm a racing mind and to get free of   stress and anxiety that smothering natural ability. 



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