Relief from Fear and Depression – Todd’s Story – Part 2

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I’d like to thank all of you who have sent me emails asking for more details about the techniques Todd used to get past the fear, depression and anxiety.  (previous post May 2012).

And to those e-mailed questions about your own unique issues,  I know it takes a lot of courage to put these fears into words, and I will do my best, as I continue to share about Todd, to focus on some of the techniques we used that you too might find helpful.

Continued from Post 1 Todd:
In a light state of trance Todd was able to quickly “track back in time” to the root where a negative “belief” about himself started.  In hypnotic terms this is called regression.  If you have read the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss MD, you have an idea of what regression can bring up.  That book gave us so much information about the unconscious mind.  It also gave the impression that it will take years of regression to get to the roots of present day issues.  Hypno-therapists  studying today have come a long way  from the long and arduous process of hypnotic regression.  Now there are quicker ways to “track back” to a emotional experiences that cause problems in the present.      All of us owe a dept to Dr. Brian Weiss, he had the courage that opened the way to recognizing hypnosis and regression as a viable therapeutic modality.  Oops, as I write sometimes little facts com up that seems important, so after this little digression let’s get back to Todd.

For Todd depression was felt as as a heavy feeling in his “gut”/ stomach. It is possible to get quickly to the root of an issue (this is a more recent hypnotic technique, that Dr Weiss had available) by using the physical sensation.  For Todd he used the feeling in his gut to track back to earlier times when the sensation/feeling was felt.

To understand this emotional linking, think of  a string of pearls.  Each pearl represents an event with the same emotional “vibration”.   So depression “pearls” are one one string going all the way back in our life line.   Anger would be another “string of pearls.”  Shame, guild, fear etc all have their own “string of pearls”.   For Todd the gut feeling he had in the present was one “pearl” on his depression “string”.  This was the link we used so he could quickly track back to the very root of where his depression started.  Using the physical feeling and a light state of trance . . .  to be continued in Post 3 Todd gets relief

Please continue to let me know if you would like to know more about Todd and how he was able to transform his life.  To link to Audrey’s e-mailing click here.  Again feel free to share issues you are facing, so I can discuss some of the techniques and how they might help you.

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