Worry, the Time Waster

That nagging feeling just won’t go away. It serves no useful purpose, so why do we worry – to prevent bad things from happening. Yet, how much of your worry is actually productive?
Learning these new skills will harness the energy you are wasting on worry. Only you can choose to take control of your thoughts. When you make things happen, stress is automatically reduced.
Being in charge is a powerful feeling!

Techniques to Deal with Worry
Use techniques 14 through16 for Relief

14. “Worry Box” – By learning this technique, you create a productive way to worry and significantly reduce the amount of time spent worrying.

15. “Worry List” – Most of us have made a list identifying items that are causing stressful feelings. The secret to this technique is that it takes the list one step further by giving you detailed information to make it really work for you.

16. “Procrastination Eliminator” – Much energy is wasted on worrying about things that we put off. Here is a technique that provides an easy to learn process that will have the job completed before you have time to procrastinate. It is especially useful when you can’t seem to get started on a project.


“I remind myself, it’s just a thought. The fact that it’s my brain and I can create different thoughts, has saved me from a lot of suffering.” MJ