The following Tapping Exercise uses acupressure points and a NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) technique to reprogram the body and change old patterns of  fear, panic, anxiety and worry.  

There are many versions of this technique that are available.  The one below is the one I teach my clients who have panic and anxiety. 

When to use the Tapping for Calm Exercise: Use the exercise whenever you notice any uncomfortable emotion: sadness, anxiety, worry, fear or tension, tightness, heaviness, heat or cold etc.

Before doing the exercise:

Rate the feeling on a Zero to Ten scale.
Zero = calm ________and 10 = worst feeling you get

It’s very important to rate your level.  Doing this help you to notice changes after doing the exercise.

Step 1. Notice where in your body you feel the emotion.

Step 2. Describe the feeling: Is it hot or cool, tight or loose, still or movement or vibration. Just paying attention to what it feels like in your body

Step 3. Focus on the part of you body where you feel the emotion:
a. Start by tapping on the face (under the cheekbones) 35 times.

b. Next tap under the nose 10 times
c. Tap under the chin 10 times

Step 4. Rate and the feelings again on the 0 to 10.
At times the number will move down after doing the first 2 steps.
With severe anxiety y do the full exercise to get the most effective results.

Step 5. Tap on the back of the hand (between the thumb and the pointer finger)

While you are tapping:
1. Move your eyes down to the left.
2. Move your eyes down to the right.
3. Move your eyes in the circle.
4.  Move your eyes in the circle the other direction.
5. count back from 5 – 1 outloud
6. hum a song so your voice goes up and down

Rate the feelings  on the 0 to 10, before moving the next step.
 0= calm ___________ 10 = anxiety

Step 6:  Tap on the “V” of the pinky

1. Repeat steps 1 – 6 above.
2. Then, tap on the pinky side of hand (karate chop type of movement)
3. tap on the chest

4. tap under arms (monkey movement)

Rate the feelings again on the 0 to 10.

Let me know how this works for you Audrey.

Want to start right away to calm the mind?
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