Creating Powerful Attitudes

Remember those times when you were confident, calm, energetic or motivated? You can learn to tap into the positive resources you have within you and gain a wonderful ability to control how you feel at any time. Although there are certain circumstances you can’t control, you can do something to change the way you feel. Doing these techniques will put you back in control of your own thoughts. They enable you to do something about what you are feeling.


Skills for Powerful Attitudes

22. “No Blam-er” – This will enable you to leave the hopeless state. You will take responsibility and create what you want. Now the weight is off your shoulders and you are back in control.

23. “Facts From Fiction” – The first step is knowing that we truly can’t read another person’s mind. Learning to differentiate the facts of a situation from the negative stories we make up will get you on the road to taking control. It’s our brain and we can create and stories we want. I would rather make up positive ones that keep me happy and relaxed than negative ones that cause me to be upset. It is much easier to deal with people who are in a happy mood. This is a great technique for enhancing relationships. People will want to be around you!


“Using these techniques, I was able to improve my golf performance. I found I was able to intergrate my golf lessons more quickly using relaxation techniques as well as visualization of how I want to see the shot. Since learning these techniques, my handicap has dropped ten strokes.” LM