Dental Phobia

If just the thought of having dental treatment creates anxiety, you’ll be interested in these exciting techniques to create a calm and comfortable state during dental procedures.
Once learned, they can also be used to diffuse stress in other areas of your life.


Skills to Ease Dental Phobias

Use techniques 24 through 26 to reduce dental fears.

24. ┬áThe “Wonderful 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 All-Purpose Relaxer” – is one of the
simplest skills to learn. It uses a three-layer approach
to create a profound sense of total relaxation.

25. ┬áThe “Soothing White Light” – is used to promote healing and calm
through visualization using all the senses.

26. “Touch Anchor” – Just touch two fingers together and this technique will
be a snap for gaining a true sense of calm.