Online Coaching Workshop October 2016

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Exciting news!
The next Online Coaching Workshop
is open for new participants.
Please call 917-399-2102 for information.

This is a workshop that shows you how to
move from overwhelm, confusion or fear
to calm, power and motivation.

 Some of the topics covered:
1.  How to get out of the moment of fear.

2. The 5 steps to get you from feeling stuck to passion and motivation.

3. Ways to get move past blocks (writers block, speaking in public, anger and worry)

4.  Learn to automatically feel safe, serene and calm with the touch of 2 fingers.

5. NLP technique that will help you to release any unwanted emotion.

This system that moves you from stuck and overwhelmed to calm, serene and powerful is called the Transformation System.

Link to the overview of this 3-part system for stress relief.

We have been holding these powerful online workshops since 2009. In the next 4-session online coaching workshop we will be adding many brand new skills to the “toolbox” of stress relief techniques.  Learn the spinning wheel technique to stop a racing mind.

I hope you’ll decide to sign up
Call 856-751-9446 or 917-399-2102 for information.

Looking forward to having you become a part of our supportive online community,  where you can learn many of the skills I use in private hypnotherapy sessions. 

Cost:  It’s only $490 for all 4-modules.
Includes all Mp3’s and Action Plans

Plus, it’s a really fun class.
Each session will be chock full of information,
with answers to your questions,
and real life examples for
reducing anxiety, changing overwhelm,
frustration.worry and stress.

Starting October 2016 at 8:15pm

Registration is limited:
Call now with questions and to sign up for the 4 session workshop

          NY  917-399-2102         NJ  856-751-9446         

Change your life this year.

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