Eagles Football: Brandon Brooks suffers with anxiety disorder

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Today I got an email from my son who is a big Eagles Football fan.  He sent me a link about Brandon Brooks and the anxiety that is causing him so much distress that he had to skip playing important games.

I wish I could let Brandon know that there is a way to be panic free.  That the medication he is taking is like putting a bandaid on a wound, without taking care of what is underneath.

As you who have worked with me know, panic, IBS and anxiety issues can be healed.  If anyone of you is able to get this information to Brandon Brooks (or to anyone else suffering) it would be a great kindness.

I wrote a note that I wish Brandon and his coaches could read. I’ve decided to post it for him and anyone else. Especially anyone who is suffering in silence with IBS, panic, worry and fear caused by anxiety disorder.

The following is the note I wish he could read.  Please pass it on.

Dear Brandon,

Although I don’t follow football I’m writing this note because what I do is help people to get free of anxiety. I help them to stop the pain and suffering that makes life so difficult.

I heard about the anxiety you’ve been suffering because my son is an avid Eagles fan, and sent me the article about your suffering.


In my 30 years of research and practice, I’ve helped thousands of people. I specialize in anxiety and panic relief. My clients no longer suffer with panic, IBS, and all of the symptoms that are caused by it.  Stomach and bowel distress, worry, anger, depression, fear having a panic attack all are erased.
Brandon, it was so brave to let people know of your struggle with anxiety and stomach problems.  Most people suffer in silence trying to deal with the distress, worry and pain even embarrassed by the symptoms.

Now that you have decided to let people know of your suffering they will know it can happen to anyone.  The fact that you are such a strong, fit man, a role model and a top sports figure, will give inspiration to others that this is not caused by any weakness.  It is caused by programs that run in the background of the mind, and therefore can’t be controlled by wishing or toughing it out.

There is a way to undo the faulty programs that are causing anxiety so severe that you’ve needed to cancel playing at the last-minute.

Please take a moment to imagine a life free of pain and worry, where you are released from symptoms and can once again be your best self. Imagine how easy it will be to live and tap into all your potential when you no longer are worrying about having anxiety symptoms.  It is possible!

I realize there are doctors and other highly trained professionals helping you.   And I hope that this proves to be the answer for you.  Yet, so many of my clients tried to stop anxiety attack with medication or cognitive and behavioral therapy.  This isn’t enough and their experience shows that issues will surface in other forms, unless the underlying causes is fixed at the root.

I don’t usually send out notes offering unasked for advice.   Most of the people come for my unique program from referrals.  Some of my client find me after suffering for years and coming across an article I’ve written.

I’m writing this note for a few reasons.

First: You are so amazingly courageous to let people know what you have been suffering.

Second: I believe medication will only provide a short term fix.

Third: I wanted you to know there is a way to get lasting relief from the devastating effects of anxiety.

Fourth: You’re a strong role model and I know your fans want to see you playing anxiety free to your full potential.

And:  It is my passion to bring relief from anxiety and worry to all that suffer. And I’d life to be of help to you.

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