Shift your mind from anxiety: Moving towards your goals

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Marci Fedor and Audrey Sussman PhD  chat about ways to get out of anxiety.

Listen in to this fun chat between Audrey and Marci as these two professionals help their client to use NLP and hypnotic techniques to shift the mind quickly from anxiety to focus, calm and relief.

Chat 1 –  How to facilitate a shift
1. Where are you now:
a.  Observe your state of mind
b.  Notice the racing thoughts, that take over your mind.

2. Where do you want to go?
a.  Put images and thoughts of what you want in positive
b.  What you want instead of what you don’t want.
c.  Setting the course – train track or a map of where you want to go

*  1st step in shifting – Slow down your system
*  Breath to alter state to calm
 * Visualize a movie of what you want in the future
** NLP technique:  the more senses you use (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) the more real it will feel.

  • In an anxious state can’t get anywhere: body in state of alarm, clouding thinking.
  • 1st is to slow the system down,  use any of the be-calm exercises
  • Acceptance of where  you are
  • Your are doing the best you can in the moment
  • Changing programming that gets you stuck.
  • Gaining new perspective a hypnotic exercise
  • Anchors that trigger old unwanted responses
  • Re-imprint (re-script) old images and programs
  • Birthright to make mistakes and to be loved

Next step: Identify what is underneath the anxiety:
Questions to get underneath emotions.
1. The “why” or  “what” question: which works best for you.
2. Is it true?
3. Who would you be without anxiety?

Click on this link to hear the audio’s.

Audrey Sussman PhD works with successful business owners who get stressed, procrastinate or feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in growing a business.   She helps them to transform the inner-critic that causes anxiety and worry into a positive, life enhancing guidance system.


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Overworked, Overwhelmed and Stressed? Tips for a Calm and Focused Mind

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Have you every felt so overwhelmed that you procrastinate?   Does self-doubt set in when you most need to be at your best when taking on new challenges? Do you then feel bad about procrastinating on the things you really want to do?   

The stress reaction is something that happens when people take on new challenges.  The more successful you are the more challenges you are taking on.  And the anxiety-procrastination reaction is one of the most misunderstood reactions.  Most people add to the distress with self blame.  Yet, procrastination happens because of the programs and triggers that run in the back of the mind.  The amazing thing is that there is a way to change these anxiety reactions so you can be in the state of confidence and curiosity needed when things seem overwhelming.  

Many people feel anxiety from overwhelm in the body.   At time it might seems that anxiety comes out as heart pounding, stomach clenching or a mind fogging reaction.  And to make it worse it might even seem that these physical reactions come from out of the blue. 

This is because the triggers for reactions are so hidden, that it seems like there is reason to feel this way.  As your mind tries to make sense of the reactions it can cause more of fear and worry that adds to the stress you are already feeling.  And for many people they fear that the body reaction is a signal that something is terrible wrong physically. 

The anxiety/fear reaction does have a positive purpose. When working properly, it can mobilize you for action.  But, when procrastination or fear is the response it takes you out of your best state of mind into one where you begin to doubt yourself.


Think back on a time when you felt worry, fear or procrastinated on something you really want to do.  Then notice what happens as the fearful thoughts move through your mind.  You’ll probable begin to notice that your thoughts are creating future images of what you fear might happen.   And sometimes the thoughts and images move so quickly through your mind that it seems the reaction your are having is for no apparent reason.   The unconscious mind interprets the future images as a signal that you will need to fight or flee.  It accepts the thoughts and images as if they are really happening in the present moment.  Then chemicals pour though the body getting you ready to fight or flee, sometimes the chest gets tight, or you’ll feel a nervous energy though-out the body.   People suffering with panic then increase the distress as they worry that something is wrong with their health.

This cause the out of control feeling that add to the distress as new thoughts arise telling you these terrible feelings will never stop.


The mind and body are connected, and thoughts can create physical reactions.  Actually, the unconscious part o the mind is doing what it is designed to do, send a message to release chemicals, getting  the body ready to fight or flee.  This is a normal, healthy part of the mind-body connection.

But, when we aren’t aware of what is triggering the anxiety reactions, as chemicals rush through the body it might seem the reaction is coming from out of the blue.   And this then plays havoc on both the 


  • No matter the event, you can learn to have control over these stress reactions.
  • Recognize that it is not the outside event that actually causes anxiety, fear or stress.  It is the way we interpret, filter or think about what is going on that determines our reactions. 
  • Take a moment to identify the symptoms you are having.
  • Then, take a moment to be curious about the thoughts or images moving through your mind.
  • Continue with the experiment below or go to the link to have a consultation for getting relief.

 If you want more information on calming the mind and body so you can sail easily towards goals, take advantage of our 10 week home-study course.  Want to change on the deepest level where you can reprogram your own unconscious for calm, focus and motivation?

Click here for information on the consultation

Sign up for a 30 minute Consultation session with Audrey Sussman PhD.   You’ll find out how I have helped successful, creative professionals to get free from anxiety, worry and procrastination. It is possible to keep calm, focused and motivated with the most stressful challenges.
Important links:


Before your consultation: Experiment with the following ideas

Identify issues that cause distress.

1. Think about and then write down: What causes you anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, panic, guilt.

2. Keep this list because after using the Magic Toolbox you will be amazed at where you started

3.  Next: Number the issues or symptoms you’ve written down: From the most stressful to least.

4.  Put a star next to the top 3 stressors, and write each one down on a separate piece of paper.

5.  For each of the 3 starred items: 

a. Think about and then write about how different it will it be when you are free from the issues. 

b. Take some time to really imagine how life is different when these are gone.

c. Visualize a new possible future: notice what you see in this image, what you hear and even how it feels in your body as you imagine stepping into that future image.

d. Make note of any negative thoughts the come up, when doing this experiment with creating what you want your future to look like.

Following the steps above, is the start to any change. 

Links: Information about the   Magic Tool Box
Consultation:   To set up a consultation email your name, contact information and phone number to Audrey.

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Consultation: Get relief from anxiety worry and self-doubt

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Complimentary Consultation
with Audrey Sussman PhD

Find out about The Magic Toolbox that has helped successful, creative professionals to get free from anxiety, worry and procrastination so they can feel calm, focused and motivated when taking on new challenges:

In this consultation you’ll:
1. Get answers to breaking free from a racing thoughts.
2. Discover how to release pent up emotion.
3. Learn how to get free of procrastination and worry.
4. Have the next steps you can take for calm, focus and self-confidence.
5. During this consultation we’ll develop a plan for your specific situation.  

Call  917-399-2102 or email for a consultation. 

When you email Audrey please include
Best contact information
and a bit about what you’d like to get from the consultation
and what you wish could be different.

Audrey has created the formula for results. The more successful you are there more there is to do. Gain the keys to calm a racing mind and to get free of   stress and anxiety that smothering natural ability. 



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How to Stop Negative Thinking

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Do you wish to have a way to
stop the mind from racing?

In this article you’ll get tips you can use to stop negative thinking.  These are the thoughts that pop into the mind increasing stress, anger and self-doubt.

I received the following questions from one of my readers.

*What can I do when I start to feel negative thoughts?

*Is there any quick way to get out of feeling down?

*How do I get out of the negative mindset and change it to thinking positive?

She continued saying: a lot of people say to just think positive thoughts, but if it were that easy I would already be doing that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the audio below are the answers to these questions:
Listen in to hear a more about using your
mind in a more positive way.

What you can do to pull yourself
out of a negative mindset

1. Pick one specific situation where negative thoughts are getting in your way.

2.  Notice where (in your body) you feel the emotion. 
3. Ask yourself: I wonder what this feeling is about?
Note: this is different from the question? Why am I feeling this way?
4. Different types of thoughts:
* Thoughts that tear down self-confidence
* Imagined conversations we with someone who caused upset.
* Thoughts of revenge.
* Thoughts that circle: Each negative thought leads to another  until the reaction is out of control. 
There are many different ways to stop the cycle.
 Click here for the first mind calming tool
Sign up for a Consultation to
learn how to get free from
Anxiety, Worry, Procrastination and Self Doubt. 
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The Purpose of Worry

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Audrey Sussman PhD works with successful people who get stressed, procrastinate or feel overwhelmed.   She helps them to transform the inner-critic that causes anxiety, procrastination and worry, into a positive life enhancing guidance system that automatically triggers calm, creativity and motivation needed to move forward with ease.

Click  below to watch the video on ways to stop worry.  If you enjoy writing join us for the next retreat go to:

This was taken in Costa Rica where Audrey Sussman PhD goes each year to give Screen Writers new ways to increase focus and flow that enhances their inner potential.  In the clip we are discussing how to stop procrastination by releasing blocks that limit potential.

Would you like to have a system to:
1. Calm a racing mind in just seconds, without medication? 

2. Give you the blueprint for setting any goal, so you can’t help but achieve it?

3. Learn how to re-program your own unconscious so you no longer feel stuck, procrastinate, or have worry that drains your energy?

4. And have a way to have all of this set on automatic?

Then I have something you will want to know about.
email Audrey for more information on the next group coaching. 






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Get Free From IBS, Colitis or Crohn’s

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Getting Relief from IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s is possible.  Audio tips for the relief of pain, worry and embarrassment of IBS and gut distress. I’ve created an audio series and will be adding them in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for tips, discussion and ideas on how to break free from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s and gut distress.

Each audio can be listened to in just 5 – 10 minutes. I’ll pack in some of the things that I have done with my clients that have helped to get lasting relief.  This is so much more than just managing to live with symptoms. It is possible to have a life without worrying about when the next gut symptom will hit.  I’ve been helping professionals for over 15 years and have a 98% success rate including those who had tried many other things before they found me..  If you are suffering with irritable bowel, Crohn’s or colitis, listen-in and learn about this amazing 3-part system that has help people to get free to eliminate pain, stop urgency and embarrassment, and have the tools to continue to stay symptom-free. And all without medication.  

If you are ready for change now, sign up for a complimentary consultation. You’ll come away know the steps to take, and have an understanding of how the process works.   Send your contact information and with some days / times  and I’ll do my best to fit you in for a 20 minute consultation.   

The link below will take you to the first in the audio series about relief from IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis.  Click here for the audio

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7 step formula for changing negative mantras 2

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Continuation for yesterdays post: Creating the state of mind your desire.

I welcome your feedback and questions, and will write more on the specific question you send.  To contact Audrey with your questions click here.

Sign in at the box at the top right of this page to get your first mind calming exercise.

The formula for Life Changing Mantras

The formula for Life Changing Mantras

As I was writing this article I realized that it is important for me to share some more information on the power of using your own mind. So, before I finish with the 7 step formula for life changing mantras, I will give you what I feel are 3 Vital Secrets your need to begin to think about when creating the state of mind you desire.

Secret 1: Thoughts have vibrations, positive thoughts will attract the other positive ones. Negative thoughts will attract more negative ones.

Secret 2: What you persistently hold in your mind will become the reality as it becomes part of the workings of your unconscious mind.

Secret 3: You can tap into the unlimited potential held in the unconscious part of the mind to achieve what you desire.

Quite simply, mantras are the things we tell ourselves. For example, on the golf course if you felt annoyed because of a badly played hole, it wouldn’t be a problem if you were able to start fresh on the next hole.  But, when one negative thought leads to the next it can destroy your focus for the rest of the game.  And when it follows you after you leave the course you have a negative mantra that is playing havoc with your state of mind.  There are 7 steps you can put into play to stop this disabling habit of negative mantras.

When people think of mantras they usually think about those used in eastern religions for positive spiritual change.  And although you might not have such a fancy name for it, the chances are that you probably use positive mantras yourself, everyday.    A mantra could be what you say to yourself to get psyched up for a big meeting,  a golf tournament or going out to a social event.  Or what you tell yourself in order to stay positive when life is getting you down. When mantras are positive and constructive, they can help us enjoy our lives and achieve our goals.  But the negative things we tell ourselves can also act as mantras, leading us in an undesired direction.

Negatives mantras “playing in the back of your mind” can cause. . .   more to come tomorrow.

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About Us

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Hello I’m so glad that you found your way to my website.  I’m Audrey Sussman PhD and I’m the director and hypnotherapist at the Anxiety Control Center.  Over my years in practice as a therapist I developed a system people can use to break free from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s and gut pain.  It is one of the  most fulfilling things I get to do as a hypnotherapist.

It’s interesting how I ended up doing what I do.   As a child I didn’t dream that I’d have a career working with people who were suffering with panic, anxiety, worry and Gut / Bowel issues.     Yet, life gently pushed me in the direction of this amazing and fulfilling career.  As a teen, I didn’t know that the intense pain and the need to know where every bathroom was located, was actually because I was suffering with of IBS.  I didn’t put it together at the time that some of the symptoms were being triggered because I was stuffing my sadness into my stomach.     I also didn’t know that the symptoms were something that could be changed. So, I just worked around it, managed to live with it.

So you might wonder, how did I got into the career of helping others to get free from bowel/gut distress. I became a therapist, and somehow people with panic, anxiety and IBS found there way to me.   I found out after working with my clients that I too had similar symptoms.   Once I understood that there was a name for these conditions, I was able to research the types of therapy that was out there for these issues. Actually there wasn’t much that was helpful.

I started with the tradition cognitive and behavioral techniques, and although useful it didn’t give me freedom from the symptoms.  I added classical hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to my toolbox of skills.  It became clear that I needed to get to the root that was triggering IBS, panic, fear or anxiety, instead of just treating the symptoms.  I ended up getting my doctorate in the philosophy of clinical hypnosis.  With all of these tools at my fingertips I experimented with different combinations until my clients and I were free of the symptoms.

I finally found the combination that works for the specific issues of IBS, Crohn’s, and colitis.  I want to tell you that these issues are not just in your mind, they are real, physical issues.  Yet, it can be healed,  triggers can be changed, and it is possible to live a life of freedom with calm, joy, and passion.

In all the years I’ve been doing this work I haven’t advertised.  Either people are referred or somehow they  my website. As I’m moving towards my retirement years, I’ve decided to let people know about this Freedom from IBS program and I’m opening my doors to people who want to learn how to get relief once and for all.  I now have group workshops and also have a plan for those who want the premium success package where they get 1:1 sessions with me.

So if you are still trying to manage symptoms. If you are feeling limited by fear, exhaustion and worry. Or if even  thinking about going on vacation, riding in a train, giving a presentation or taking your kids out for the day is causing destress it is time to find out what can be done to end the suffering. It’s time to learn about the tool kit, that can be called on any time you want  relief of IBS and worry.  Imagine being able to live life without the fear of the bowels spoiling the day.

A Special Offer:
A complimentary consultation

Only for people who are suffering with
IBS, anxiety, worry, pain, or stomach distress,
If you’re ready to take action and find out how to get free.

 Sign up for one of the 10 Discovery Consultations I’m offering.

It easy to do just click here to email me
1. Include your name, contact information
2. A few sentences about what you are struggling with.
3. On the subject line put:  I’d like a Discovery Consultation

I will get back to you right away to schedule a consultation.
Please note that I only take on 3 new clients a month,
so call now, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

Or call 917-399-2102 and leave a message.







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