How to Stop Negative Thinking

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Do you wish to have a way to
stop the mind from racing?

In this article you’ll get tips you can use to stop negative thinking.  These are the thoughts that pop into the mind increasing stress, anger and self-doubt.

I received the following questions from one of my readers.

*What can I do when I start to feel negative thoughts?

*Is there any quick way to get out of feeling down?

*How do I get out of the negative mindset and change it to thinking positive?

She continued saying: a lot of people say to just think positive thoughts, but if it were that easy I would already be doing that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the audio below are the answers to these questions:
Listen in to hear a more about using your
mind in a more positive way.

What you can do to pull yourself
out of a negative mindset

1. Pick one specific situation where negative thoughts are getting in your way.

2.  Notice where (in your body) you feel the emotion. 
3. Ask yourself: I wonder what this feeling is about?
Note: this is different from the question? Why am I feeling this way?
4. Different types of thoughts:
* Thoughts that tear down self-confidence
* Imagined conversations we with someone who caused upset.
* Thoughts of revenge.
* Thoughts that circle: Each negative thought leads to another  until the reaction is out of control. 
There are many different ways to stop the cycle.
 Click here for the first mind calming tool
Sign up for a Consultation to
learn how to get free from
Anxiety, Worry, Procrastination and Self Doubt. 
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Stop procrastination and worry

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Quick Tip: Steps To Stop Procrastination

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Have you found yourself procrastinating on things you want to do?  If so, you are actually using your creativity, unfortunately in the negative direction.   A creative mind can come up with all sorts of reasons and thoughts about scary outcomes, why it won’t work,  how it isn’t the right time, or how whatever you want to accomplish won’t be good enough.

However, have you noticed that once you finally get yourself to take some action, that things start flowing?   It seems that when you make the choice to sit down and take even the smallest step, something magical happens.  The negative voice gets quieter, and you find yourself settling into the task.  When days or weeks later the task is done, you feel great.  If you were to look back to the first action step, you’d see that it gave you momentum with each small step.   Accomplishing even the smallest step in the right direction will move you toward your goal.

If you ever procrastinate about doing something, experiment with this exercise.

  1. Think about something you procrastinate about.
  2. Use the mind calming exercise at
    to help you to focus inward, and calm your mind.
  3. Be curious.  Take a moment to listen-in to your thoughts.
    What are you saying to yourself right before you decided to procrastinate?
  4.  Notice any emotions that you are feeling.
    Changing the procrastination habit:
  5. As you focus in on your thoughts and emotions, stay curious, in this curious state of mind you can access information about what is underneath the thoughts and emotions.
  6. Are there any smaller steps toward your goal, that you could take.
  7. Next, think about this: What would you need (emotionally), that would it easier to take the steps towards the goal you desire?  What thoughts would be more beneficial in moving you towards your goal?
  8. This next step is a self-hypnotic technique called, Deep Trance Identification.  In this technique you think of someone who towards what they want with ease.  Then imagine that you are looking through that persons eyes, feeling what they feel as they take steps.  Notice what they are feeling and thinking that makes it easy for them to take steps in the direction of goals.Experiment trying on enhancing feelings and thoughts.
  9. And next pretend or imagine that you already have what is needed to move ahead. It might be confidence, trust, joy or an inner sense that all will be alright.

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If you have been procrastinating getting help,
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I’ve been helping people to break free of IBS, anxiety, fear and worry for many years, now I’m opening up my program to new clients.  If you want to get relief without medication sign up for one of the Discovery Consultations time slots I’m offering.

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It easy to do just contact me by email 
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I will get back to you to schedule a session.
Please note that I only take on 2 new clients a month,
so call now, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

On the subject line put:  I’d like a Discovery Consultation 



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Relief from overwhelm, hopelessness and fear: Step 1

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Blueprint for hope and optimism

Today we’ll be looking at 2 questions about feeling hopeless, fearful and overwhelmed.  After a step-by-step plan for my clients, I decided to put some of my answers into the next few posts.  People don’t need to suffer with churning, harmful thoughts, I hope you enjoy these posts and if you have question just contact me on the tab on the side of this page.

Question 1:  This week I’m feeling anxiety again.  After our sessions I usually  leave feeling like a new person. Like there is a ray of light.  But this week I’m feeling like I will never get better.  It feels like there isn’t any hope for true relief.  I feel like I’m backsliding into anxiety and fear.    I followed up on 2 of my action steps and started to be fearful about moving ahead with my plans.  What is wrong with me?

Question 2: I’m feeling disconnected, whenever I start to feel good, I start monitoring my body for signs of anxiety.  I can be really happy and at ease, then I start to check to see if I am really feeling that way, within moments the good feelings disappear.  That’s when I get disconnected.  Even though I find I’m calmer physically my thoughts still get overwhelming.

Is there an effective strategy for breaking the cycle of monitoring my thoughts, that you can give me until we meet again?

The following answers will be a combination answer to both Questions: Today I’ll start with step 1, and in the upcoming days the next steps will be given.

Answer:  Dear Rennith (fictional name).
I am happy to see that you did give yourself a bit of credit for the relief you did feel recently.  That is a glimpse of the positive changes you are capable of.    It is my desire teach you the tools you need so that you once again will feel optimistic and hopeful.

Steps for hope and optimism:

Step 1:  Start jotting things down that would have to happen to make you feel hopeful.   Not just the major changes, but also the smallest “things” that would “have to”  change for you to feel even the tiniest bit of hope.  (This way you’ll start to notice the smallest changes in the positive direction and be able to remind yourself that there is movement in the right direction.

We’ve talked about the times recently, where you felt a “reprieve” from overwhelm and anxiety.  Think back to those times you felt the changes starting to happen, where you felt different and better.

Fear, negative thinking and checking your feelings are all old patterns. It’s interesting that the upset resurfaced when you were feeling happy. I imagine that the  “little voice “in the back of your mind started giving you negative messages, such as telling you that  nothing was changing.

When that pattern happens the old panic cycle gets going as you think about all the reasons that you are afraid, stuck or that nothing will change.

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Stop worry, fear and procrastination for Business Success

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10 minute audio by Audrey Sussman PhD, with tips on how to stop worry.



To get information on a complimentary consultation click here:

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Stuffed Emotions Cause Pain, Self-Doubt and Procrastination

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You Can Stop Worry, Pain and Fear
Use the Mind-Body Connection

The link for the Free 7-minute video
for Calming the Mind is at the bottom of this page.

Have you wondered if stress is the cause of your bodily symptoms?  What I have found is that the body and mind are connected.  What happens in one part will affect the other parts.  

For example: When you stuff down a feeling of anger, worry or fear – it doesn’t just disappear.  It gets stored in the body. Over time, as the emotions continue to be pushed down they accumulate. Each of us has a different part of the body where we stuff emotional upset. That is why some people have stomach or bowel issues, whereas others will feel pain in the back, head or chest.

It is the accumulation of stuffed emotions that trigger bodily symptoms and reactions.   If you have ever found yourself blowing up after a small upset, or felt a gut wrenching feeling after someone hurts your feelings, this is a sign of an accumulation of stuffed emotions that volcano out of control.  This overreaction isn’t your fault, the reason a small incident triggers a severe or unwanted reaction is that it isn’t just one situation you are responding to.  It is the whole chain of emotions that get triggered.  Sometimes these stuffed emotions have been collected all the way back in childhood. 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “that was the last straw”.  After saying this a person will go on to tell you of how that small thing triggered a major blowup. This is a perfect example of emotions that have been accumulating and then the smallest distress triggers a reaction, way out of proportion to the upset.

When stuffed emotions lead to IBS, stomach, head pain or other bodily symptoms, it is the way your body signals that something is off kilter.   I have seen my clients get instant relief from stomach and other pain using cognitive-behavioral-hypnosis, because when we clear the accumulated emotions the body is freed of pain. 

Repressed and stuffed emotions can also lead to a racing mind, anxiety, procrastination, worry, overwhelm, insomnia and feeling stuck. 

Once cleared it is possible to change unwanted patterns. I’ve been helping people with my Transformation System using Cognitive-Behavioral-Hypnosis for 30 years.   It gives us a way to communicate directly to the unconscious part of the mind.  The unconscious is the part of the mind that holds your memories, as well as the solutions.  This is the part that needs to be accessed to in order to release emotions that are at the root of bodily symptoms of pain.  Over the years working with people I have had the joy of helping people to get relief, even from the terrible burden and pain of Fibromyalgia.  

Symptoms are not the cause but the result of something going on underneath the surface of conscious awareness.  That is why it is almost impossible to get lasting change with just cognitive techniques.  Since symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg, we need to go deeper of the underlying stored emotions to get lasting change.

One technique that is useful to get to get relief from pain, is to use the feeling of pain to track back to the very first event where emotion was stuffed into the body causing pain.  We call this the root of the problem.  In a light trance state unconscious information just seems to pop into the mind.  then it is possible to heal the pain at the very root event.    Even if you aren’t aware (on a conscious level) of anger, sadness, hurt or other stuffed emotion your unconscious mind does have a record of it.  The unconscious part of the mind holds the answers to true cause of the many types of physical pain.

Releasing the emotions held since childhood is actually a very quick process, once you know how to talk the language of the unconscious mind.

RECAP: Procrastination, fear, worry, and panic represents just the tip of the iceberg. What is really important is below the surface of conscious awareness. Using the Transformation System gives us a way to access the unconscious and release old stuffed emotions and re-program unwanted reactions.  It is possible to get lasting relief from trauma, sadness, anger, worry, panic, sadness, guilt and fear.   

 How to know if
underlying stuffed emotions are affecting you?

If you feel:

Anxiety, Worry, Fear
Frozen or Stuck
Difficulty focusing 
Heart pounding, Racing Mind
Overwhelm,  procrastination
Pain, IBS, Migraines

Then: Stuffed Emotions Are Getting in Your Way

 Click here for the video guide to start the process 
Take this opportunity to experience
how this simple change physiology can
calm the body and mind. 

This link will give you access to the 7 minute video guide

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No Fail Goal Setting hanout

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We had a great group at the Woman’s Conference.  Hope you are practicing self-hypnosis and getting relief from anxiety, worry and stress.   I enjoyed answering all of your questions and as promised I’ve given some links for the additional handouts.  These are on setting no-fail goals.

Remember to Sign up for the video guide for the calming the mind exercise at

If you have questions or want to sign up for the next online coaching workshop send email to Audrey by clicking here Just leave her a message and she will get back to you with the information.

Click on the three links below for the handouts from the workshop.

no-fail goal setting 2011

Handout 2016 no-fail goal setting

Sample of clients no-fail goal setting plan

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Review of Stress Relief Workshop

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Thank you all for the intense questions on getting relief from panic. I enjoyed working with you at the Hypnosis Quick “Cure” workshop. I’m looking forward to hearing how the techniques are working.

Exciting news!
I’m opening up the next Online Coaching Workshop
to new participants.
Please call 917-399-2102 for information.
As promised here is an overview of the things we talked about. 
  1. Three ways to break the stress cycle, using the 3-part system for stress relief.
  2. Why to use hypnotic techniques to release stuck emotions
  3. The quickest way to change a negative emotion. Using an NLP exercise called changing sub-modalities.
  4. The link for the video guide for the Calming “HAAA breath
    (this is once choice that can be used to make a change at the physical level) To see other choices click here
  5. Two pars of the Mind:
    a.  Conscious: is what we are aware of.
    Unconscious: where memories are stored.
    c. The unconscious part of the mind has the solutions.
    d. When the doorway to unconscious information is created, it is possible to create serenity, confidence and calm . 
  6.  Create a calming “anchor,” with the touch of two fingers or by using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic cues. 
In the next 4-module coaching workshop we will be adding many new skills  to the “toolbox” of stress relief techniques.
I hope you’ll decide to sign up
Call 856-751-9446 or 917-399-2102 for information.

Looking forward to having you become a part of our supportive online community.  Where you can learn many of the skills I use in private hypnotherapy session., 

It’s only $450 for all 4-modules. Plus, it’s a really fun class.
Each session will be chock full of information,
with answers to your questions,
and real life examples for
reducing anxiety, changing overwhelm,
frustration.worry and stress.

Call now, for more details on the 4 module workshop

NJ  856-751-9446         NY 917-399-2102

change your life this year.


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Anxiety Relief Workshop

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Hypnosis used to trigger serenity, calm and confidence

Stressed Out? Imagine using the power of your mind to trigger serenity, confidence and creativity. The system we will be discussing is used by by our specially trained hypnotherapists.  Our unique system makes it possible to overcome self-doubt, worry, anxiety, panic, fear, procrastination and negative thinking that dulls motivation and destroys confidence.  An optional workbook, A self-help guide for calming the mind is also be available. Space is limited, so call 917-399-2102 to reserve your space.

Start now by taking action !
Call for information.  Registration is limited.
  Start on the path to your new life:   
NY 917-399-2102                  NJ  856-751-9446.

Click here  to see a sample of days and cost:

If you missed our last workshop
Call 917-399-2102
for information on upcoming workshops

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