Stop Migraine Headaches In Just seconds

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Stop Migraine Headaches In Just Seconds

If you are suffering with migraine or cluster headaches, you’ll be interested to know that many of my clients have learned a technique that gives them almost instant relief.  And in most cases been able to banish this devastating, painful and life destroying condition.

 Who will benefit from this head pain reducing technique?

  1.   If you are still suffering with migraines, cluster headaches or other head pain.
  2.   If you have been to doctor after doctor, tried medicine, or even changed your diet to no avail.
  3.   If you have tried just about everything to stop this condition, and still haven’t gotten freed.
  4.   If you want a technique that can bring down the pain in just seconds.
  5.   And, if you are open to using a mind-body technique that includes Neuro-Linguistic  Programming and a form of hypnosis.

Then there is hope for you to get true and lasting relief.

These techniques were developed at the Anxiety Control Center, after many years of research and practice.   Our clients know that it is possible to change bodily reactions, as well as the faulty sequences at the root of many types of head pain.

A little history of how this life changing techniques
for head pain relief came to be.

My therapy practice started in the 80’s.  Most of the people who found there way to my therapeutic door were suffering with anxiety and panic disorder.  I now know why this was to become my specialty, but that is another story for another time.

I was searching for a solution for the problem of anxiety, racing mind, worry and panic when I found the solution for  migraine, cluster headaches and other types of head pain.

The answer for putting an end to migraines and cluster headaches came from a lot of trial and error and study.  As I worked with clients who had migraines in addition to panic disorder I found what worked and what didn’t.  The skills have been refined into a system that works,  people who are in pain of all types now have hope of relief.

A little about how this amazing “cure” came to be.

It’s not that traditional cognitive and behavioral techniques didn’t help.   It’s just that they weren’t enough for two reasons.  More on this in tomorrow’s post.

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Relief from Panic and Migraines

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At the Anxiety Control Center, we have developed
an exciting program specialized to relieve panic, anxiety,
and health issues such as migraines and irritable bowel
syndrome. Clients have achieved lasting transformations
with this program which uses a combination of hypnosis,
NLP, cognitive and behavioral techniques.
Learn SIMPLE, effective techniques to improve your life!

Sign up on the right to get your 1st  stress relief exercises.


“Irritable Bowel Syndrome controlled my life for over 20 years. Panic attacks brought me to therapy. I learned skills that enabled me to do things I had never dared before. The panic is gone. The IBS is under control.” K.C.

“When I started therapy, I was completely drained of energy. I was truly amazed at how energized I felt after using a Positive Future Image.” M.H.

“When I first started learning these techniques, I was very doubtful they would work for me. I was delightfully amazed when I was able to use these skills to get rid of migraine headaches.” M.G.

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