IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s – Break free of symptoms

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A Special Offer:
There is a program I’ve designed specifically
for anyone who has been suffering with
IBS, Colitis or Crohn’s

You can break free from the anxiety, worry, pain
and discomfort of stomach and bowel issues. 

I’ve been helping my clients to break free for years.  People find me through referrals from friends, family and medical doctors who know of my work in the very specialized area.    

As I reach retirement I decided to get the information to people who are suffering and want help.  I’ve opened up my program to new clients who are ready to get freedom from the the worry and distress of gut problems.  Even if you’ve been told there is nothing that can help, you owe it to yourself to find out more.    The program I developed works without medication.

Sign up a Complimentary Consultation.

It easy to do just contact me by email
*. Include your name, contact information
* Give a few sentences about what you are struggling with.
* I will get back to you to schedule a free consultation.

**Please note that I only take on 2 new clients a month.  So,  if you’re ready and willing to have a major change in the symptoms you’ve been struggling with email me and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

On the subject line of your email put:
I’d like a Discovery Consultation

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IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s: Hypnosis & NLP For Quick Relief

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Suffering with Stomach Pain?
Relief is Possible

I work with people who are suffering with the symptoms of irritable bowel, Crohn’s or colitis. I developed the system that you can learn so you can break free from the worry, urgency and pain.  And best of all without medication. Call for more information on our 6-month plan for relief.

Many people who find their way to my therapeutic door tell me that I’m their last hope.   For years they believed that they had to live with bowel and stomach distress.  Quickly in just sessions, they find that there is a way to stop the pain and urgency within seconds.

You might wonder if this can be real, can there truly be a way to get relief.   It is possible, I know because I’ve been helping people who were suffering with irritable bowel, Crohn’s or colitis. I help them to break free from the symptoms, eliminate pain and stay symptom-free without medication. If you want to take the first step in getting free of stomach distress click on the link to sign up for a free consultation .  In this consultation you can find out more about the 6-month plan that brings relief. 


Many of our clients were skeptical about getting relief because they tried many other things, all without success. Many of my clients are referred to me by clients who have already gotten the results.  So many times they start the conversation by saying: I’m their last hope.  Even when skeptical, after just a few sessions I hear: I wish I had done this years ago.  So, if you are suffering with stomach or bowel issues set up a consultation.  As I get closer to retirement, I’be been doing this over 30 years, I decided to let people know about the this amazing program. I’m taking on new clients with bowel issues  in the next year.  In this way you don’t have to be referred to speak to me and I hope to make a difference in more lives.

I call my system the Magic Toolbox because contains everything needed to create the amazing changes. It gives you a way to replace the old programs causing stomach and bowel distress with new healthy programs.  Learn how to calm a churning, painful stomach and bowel and to bring the body back into harmony.  The healing is done from the inside out, changing at the root of the faulty-programming.   Instead of just managing to live with limits because of the worry about the next time the stomach will act up, you can get rid of the symptoms.  And once you learn how to stop the pain you can find hope for a normal life:  where you can enjoy travel, focus at meetings, go to a movie and have a meal with friends without the worry.

If you’ve tried the traditional treatments of adding fiber, changing your diet, or using medications for diarrhea, you all ready know that it doesn’t get to the underlying cause, and it doesn’t get to the root to actually change the problem.


Over the years I’ve work with people who were suffering with various problems they though could never be changed: Even the most difficult challenges such as IBS, stomach issues, Migraines, Panic, worry, self-doubt respond to the program I created.  I’m so happy each time I get a note from a client who is now living life without symptoms.   Sometimes after we clear up one the most difficult problem, I’m asked if this program can clear up other problems.

That is how my program grew and expanded from treating panic, fear of flying, public speaking and anxiety, into a program relief of IBS,Colitis, Crohn’s,  Migraines, and Tinnitus.  The testimonials below are from people I have worked with all over the US.  Many have only worked with me on the phone, many will call years after our last session to work on new challenges.  As they send me “wins”  I  add the new comments.  In some testimonials I combined their comments as you’ll read about below.   If you want to hear more there are many video’s of people after getting the results they want.


Irritable bowel syndrome controlled my life for over 20 years. I developed many unhealthy ways to cope:  not eating and avoiding going places with my family . I started to have panic attacks when I even thought about going out.  This is what brought me to the Anxiety Control Center for help.  After just 8 sessions I began to do things I had never dared to do before. It’s eight months since my treatment and the panic and worry are totally gone. The IBS is not just under control, it’s is almost gone completely.  We are working on the next step to make this horrible condition a thing of the past.   My favorite skill is the 5-4-3-2-1 technique because I can use it anytime and no one knows I’m doing it, and most importantly it works.  LV


I was applying to medical school and was going through an extremely stressful time, when I was diagnosed with IBS, I listened to the doctors… but no matter how much Metamucil or medication they gave me… nothing was working. I went to the Anxiety Control Center as a last resort.

Because I was pre-med all my trust lied in Doctors and the Magic Toolbox Plan sounded a bit “out there.”  But if you have IBS, you are willing to try anything. I was amazed that after 2 sessions I was feeling better and after 4 all my symptoms went away. It’s been 2 years since and I haven’t had any symptoms since the Audrey changed my life. CJ


When I first started learning these techniques, I was very doubtful they would work for me.   I was delightfully amazed when I was able to use these skills to get rid of migraine headaches. Although, I still have a hard time believing it, I’m convinced when anytime a migraine starts to come on, I’m able to stop it using the tools I learned.  After a number of months of using the tools now all I need to do is think the words, self do your stuff, and the migraine is gone.  SW


I was completely drained of energy when I started to work with Audrey.  I was truly amazed at how energized I felt after we created the positive future image. The future was so big and bright and pleasant that I didn’t want to come back to the present, when asked to open my eyes. But, when I did I was surprised at  the energy I felt.  This is truly a gift, one I will use in the years to come.  CK

Click here for your 30-minute consultation:

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Get Free From IBS, Colitis or Crohn’s

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Getting Relief from IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s is possible.  Audio tips for the relief of pain, worry and embarrassment of IBS and gut distress. I’ve created an audio series and will be adding them in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for tips, discussion and ideas on how to break free from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s and gut distress.

Each audio can be listened to in just 5 – 10 minutes. I’ll pack in some of the things that I have done with my clients that have helped to get lasting relief.  This is so much more than just managing to live with symptoms. It is possible to have a life without worrying about when the next gut symptom will hit.  I’ve been helping professionals for over 15 years and have a 98% success rate including those who had tried many other things before they found me..  If you are suffering with irritable bowel, Crohn’s or colitis, listen-in and learn about this amazing 3-part system that has help people to get free to eliminate pain, stop urgency and embarrassment, and have the tools to continue to stay symptom-free. And all without medication.  

If you are ready for change now, sign up for a complimentary consultation. You’ll come away know the steps to take, and have an understanding of how the process works.   Send your contact information and with some days / times  and I’ll do my best to fit you in for a 20 minute consultation.   

The link below will take you to the first in the audio series about relief from IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis.  Click here for the audio

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The type of hypnosis to use for relief of anxiety and IBS

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Thanks for all the great feedback on yesterday’s article.
Today I’m sharing a video I posted a year ago to answer questions about Hypnosis.

If you are suffering with IBS,
anxiety, worry, pain, discomfort from stomach or  Bowel Distress.
Learn how to break free for symptoms, without medication
for once and for all

A Special Offer:

Click here to sign up for your consultation:
Freedom from IBS and anxiety consultation

  1. Create a sense of clarity about having life without the suffering from IBS, anxiety and worry.
  2. Find out the essential building blocks for calming the mind and body
  3. Determine the #1 thing stopping you from finding relief from IBS
  4. Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the life you want.

And my plan is have you complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing
exactly what to do next to create the peaceful life you truly want.

I’ve been helping people to break free of IBS, anxiety, fear and worry for many years, now I’m opening up my program to new clients.  If you want to get relief without medication sign up for one of the Discovery Consultations time slots I’m offering.

This complimentary consultation is only
for people who are ready to
get free from anxiety, worry, IBS and gut distress.

It easy to do just contact me by email
Include your name, contact information, and a few sentences about what you are struggling with.  I will get back to you to schedule a session.  Please note that I only take on 2 new clients a month, so call now, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.  On the subject line put:  I’d like a Discovery Consultation

How to use hypnosis for anxiety and IBS relief

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply an inward focused state of mind. When you find yourself thinking about a past event, or are having a conversation in your mind, you are already experiencing something similar to a light hypnotic trance. When you alter your state of mind in a purposeful way to accomplish something that is called hypnosis.

There are many different ways to create a hypnotic state.

According to what you are trying to achieve the altered state can be very light or very deep.   The easiest way to alter your state of mind from an outward one to an inner focused one is to change your breathing pattern. Information on this method can be found at: www.anxietycontrolcenter.com/stress-breath. 

Who will achieve the best results for clearing up a problem using hypnosis?

People who are highly intelligent and creative make the bet hypnotic candidates. But, anyone of at least average intelligence who wants to can learn to use this skill. More on hypnosis at http://www.anxietycontrolcenter.com/category/hypnosis-and-trance/

Why are people who have anxiety good candidates for hypnosis? If you can do anxiety, panic or worry you are already using your mind to create a trance state. Therefore you will be able to learn to use the same techniques that create anxiety to create calm. I have been helping my clients who have anxiety, panic, fear, worry, post traumatic stress issues to use their own mind to create a positive hypnotic trance state. And once the mind get adept at going into an altered state it is possible to release stuffed emotions that weigh heavily on daily activities. See panic attacks can be stopped at; http://www.anxietycontrolcenter.com/change-your-life/scared-of-dying-panic-attacks-can-be-stopped/

A Special Offer:
For anyone who has been suffering with
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or gut pain,

I have something you want to know about.

Learn about the way to break free of symptoms!

If you have been procrastinating getting help,
if you’ve tried many things feeling frustrated and misunderstood,
this is something you really want to know about.

For 15 years I’ve been helping people to break totally free from the
anxiety, embarrassment and worry
caused by IBS Symptoms.

I have now opened up this program for new clients
Email me for  a complementary Discovery Consultation.

Please note that I only take on 2 new clients a month,
so call now, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

This complimentary consultation is only
for people who are ready to get free
from anxiety, worry, IBS and gut distress.

It easy to do just contact me by email
1. Include your name
2. Contact information
3. And a few sentences about what is happening or how you wish it could be.
4. On the subject line put:  I’d like a Discovery Consultation
5. I will get back to you to schedule a Consultation.

Please note that I only take on 2 new clients a month,
so call now, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

Fear of Vomiting – Getting Relief from a queasy stomach

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This post is about getting relief from a queasy feeling in the stomach.

A client called me today asking for some help with her  fear of throwing up.  I’ve seen her for a few sessions and she is doing much better in many areas of her life. But when she feels her stomach start to churn her  fear of vomiting triggers a panic attack.  She then feels like she has to escape, which causes her to feel out of control and more fearful.

So I could help her I needed to know what triggered her calling me for help today. I asked her to tell me what happened today causing her upset.  She explained that she felt upset in her stomach and then she started worrying about throwing.  It got so bad that she really thought she had to “escape” and she started to panic.

When ever I hear someone having problem with panic,  I know they have negative thoughts going through the mind. The thoughts usually start with the words “What if”.  The “what if” message always causes more fear and panic.  When I asked her was was going through her mind she admitted that she was saying,  “what if I can’t stop it” “what if I throw up” “what if I can’t get out soon enough”   Those thoughts stimulated her unconscious mind to start the flight/ fight process and led to more physical symptoms and even more “what if” thoughts kept running through her mind.

In our therapy session I taught her to use hypnosis to  . . .

Tomorrow post will have 6 tips I gave my client to stop the nausea and panic.

Learning how to create positive images
and thoughts will help in gaining control of your reactions.
To get the breathing exercise for calming the mind
sign in at the top right side of this page.

You’ll also receive another cognitive exercise to
help you to use your thoughts in a positive way.

Download an easy to learn mind calming  exercise
by signing in at the upper right side of this page.
After you sign in you will be sent the written instructions as a PDF.

If you would like more coaching
on ways to use your mind to quiet stress and anxiety
go to
action ends procrastination

We still have 6 spots open for the class starting May 26th 2010.
Looking forward to you becoming a part of
this supportive online community.

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