Past Lives Related to Panic, Guilt and Fear

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The question about past lives is an interesting one. And my first answer is yes,  I do believe that unresolved past life issues can cause anxiety attacks.   But, it’s not as important whether you believe in past lives or not. What is useful is to use whatever memories come up as a gift from your unconscious.   Many of my clients have gotten huge changes after doing a regression. Therefore I do believe that at times panic, guilt, phobia’s and limiting beliefs do come from past life issues. 

Usually when a past life surfaces there is a stuffed emotion attached to the memory.   One that needs to be healed. We can use hypnotic and NLP techniques to release stuffed emotions and to re-program beliefs that are creating anxiety, guilt, fear and other emotions in the present lifetime.  We don’t need to decide whether the memories that surface are real, we act as if they are, in order to heal them.

I have found in my many years of helping people to stop panic attacks, phobic reactions, guilt and limiting beliefs that on average two in every twenty people will regress back to a past life.   Sometimes a person will go back to memory five or more lifetimes before.

So if you are doing hypnosis with me and your unconscious presents you with an image of a past life, we will use it.  So many times when a past life memory surfaces and we clear the emotions present day symptoms disappear.

So my answer about past lives is, you don’t need to believe in past lives, just think of any information the unconscious presents you with as a metaphor, or story that needs to be looked at.   For my clients who do accept regression and past lives as real, when they are lucky enough to have a past life memory come to the surface, they usually feel excited and amazed at the information that surfaces.   So whether you believe or not, we can use whatever images come up, to help you gain an understanding and to heal. 

I think about memories as the way the unconscious part of the mind stores information about emotional events your life.  When these memories are brought to the surface of consciousness during hypnosis they no longer fester beneath.  

As I said only two in twenty people will access a past life.  Yet, so far in my 30 years helping people with anxiety, panic, worry and fear each one has gotten in touch with early childhood memories, some traumatic and others where stuffed emotions that continue to churn in the background of the mind.  Many of many clients think they won’t be able to get to the root of their fear,  yet they surprise themselves when they track a problem back to an early childhood memory.  

Using hypnosis is one way we are able to regress or track back to an early emotional experience.   Even when we don’t consciously remember these early memories they still run inside of us.  So another way of looking at past life memories is that the unconscious part of us is using a metaphor which is set into another lifetime.  If we put aside whether we believe in past lives or not and just deal with what the  memory  we have a powerful place to make an intervention.

Many times when panic attacks seem to “come out of the blue” it stems from either early childhood or carryover from a past life.  It is also useful when a past life is at the root a client will say to me, so it’s not my fault,  that is such a huge relief.  And once we clear up the issues miraculous changes happen in this lifetime.

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Sadness and fear – An exercise to get relief

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The following is a question I received from one of my clients.  It mirrors what so many people with anxiety feel that I decided to give a technique that I haven’t talked about in a while.  It is different type of solution and one that is worth using.  The people who have experimented with it find that after a couple of weeks they wouldn’t go without using this exercise.

The following question is what spurred my answer. Names and events are changed slightly to protect confidentiality. This client is grieving over the illness and death of his dad. He is also dealing with possible life changing issues in his relationship.

Hey Audrey. I’m having a bad morning. . . woke up thinking about my father, my heart pounding and tears in my throat. Have had a series of  dreams this week leaving me feeling uncomfortable when I wake up.

In addition to that, I spoke Amy on Fri about the baby stuff, and even though she said she has no plans of leaving  I still want us to want the same things, so I’m finding that I’m almost pressuring myself to want a child.  I guess I don’t know what to do with myself  all I want to do is talk to someone, but it’s early in the morning and everyone is asleep.  Let me know if you have any insight. Thanks.

Hello Peter:  It’s good you are writing out your thoughts in an email to me. I have an idea that you might find helpful.  When we get together for our session we’ll work on the sadness and fears, using the trance techniques I spoke about last session.

It might be of help at this time to begin to write “morning pages”.  These are pages you write in a journal every day.

In the book the Artist’s Way by Camerion, she describes this completely.  For now, just write 3 pages a day.
In these  3 pages you write what ever comes into your mind.  The author recommends doing it  just as you are waking up.  I do my own in the evening, but when I force myself to wake early to write in the morning it seems to flow more easily.
Write three pages about anything and nothing.  You will be amazed at how helpful these pages can be.  You don’t try to make sense,or even keep things to a topic. You just write.  It’s just writing your thoughts, the insight will come on its own.

In this way you find within yourself the strength you need.  It comes with time, don’t try to write or edit, just write. These pages are just for you, not to show to another, no need to read them over, it’s the writing without any censoring that will lead you to gaining what you need.

Take the 1st step today:

1.  Buy yourself a note book or journal.  This what you will use for the morning pages.  Save the journal just for the morning pages.

I know when you are upset it is difficult to see the way, so start with the step of just getting a journal and a pen.
2.  Trust it is within yourself and I do believe the morning pages will be a great benefit.


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Loneliness and Grief #2 (10 ways to free the mind from grief)

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This is a continuation post about suffering the passing of a loved one.   I’ve woven parts of my letter to my dad with information that I had for him.  As with my first post, I’ve cut out the very personal parts that are not necessary for understanding what I am speaking about.

Because  my dad  had a very curious mind and liked to look ata life from many different angles, I just took an excerpt from my book and sent it to him.  It was written with that in mind for him.

When most people grieve they are not looking for information about how the body works.  But knowing my dad I knew his value for learning, even in the middle of grief, was something he would be interested in.  So giving  information was one way to help him focus on things outside of his sadness.

It’s also OK to grieve, for as long as you need to.
It’s understandable to feel angry, lonely and sad.  That is part of the recovery process.

What I am asking is to stop  and change your thoughts when the memories turn to the traumatic events.  That part of life you already lived, no need to re-traumatize, that is not part of the healing for you.

If you are in deep grief my previous post might be of more help.  But, for those who are interested in more about how the mind works, read on.

Some facts about the mind:

1. Emotions are brought on by the thoughts and pictures that we think about.

2.  A thought or image has force and energy .

3. That energy created by images and thoughts  (positive or negative) moves throughout the mind and body.

4. Our thoughts have an impact on the mind and body.

5. They become similar to a magnet that attracts thoughts and memories with similar energy (vibrations).

6.  That is why painful thoughts attract similar memories of pain and sadness.

7.  We can change our thoughts.

8. Peaceful thoughts and images will attract other memories and feelings of peace and balance.

9.  No matter what is going on in life, people can learn to be in command of the thoughts they create.

10.  Even when there are stressors and events outside of your control, your thoughts can be developed in a way that has a positive impact, even changing  how you interpret  events.

Dad, I know that you have used this technique many times in the past, like the time you went to get the wig for your wife, after chemo, and you were so touched and happy about how caring the person who helped you was.  You came back from that appointment feeling uplifted, even though the situation was still a difficult one.

So you already understand that, no matter what events may have transpired  your mind can create thoughts that enhance your well-being.

Your own mind, and the thoughts you create, are the most powerful resource.  When you use it in this enhancing way.  So continue to guide your thoughts with positive energy.

I know how you have used your mind in a positive way through out my growing up years.  So, I’m not sending you the discussion on creating the deep change, by clearing out old limiting beliefs and repressed emotions.

You know how I work with my clients, doing deep change work.  Helping them to release  old sad memories and trauma. But that might not be necessary to get relief from your sadness.   You can make changes using your own thoughts. Use positive ones to re-program the way your mind works.  Start by experimenting with creating thoughts and pictures that work better that those of pain and loss.

More Information you might be interested in:

1. Rememeber your body is a complex living system,  every part affects every other part, including your emotions and you healing.

2. Your thoughts create physical reactions, such as the clenching in your stomach after a particularly traumatic memory.  Even a quick thought can generate a physical reaction in the body.

For example, just thinking about a fun vacation you had, remember the boat trip in the blue lagoon in Italy, I can see you smiling as you talk about it.   That memory created a reaction or vibration in your body, as if it were happening in the present.

3.  What you think has an impact on the “vibrations” that are sent throughout your body.

4. So, the way a you think can lead to positive vibrations, which lead to feelings of serenity and contentment.

So I leave you with this to think about, I know you have already created a path of positive memories, so this is just a gentle nudge in to use your mind in this time a recovery.  With all my love. Audrey

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Loneliness and Grief 1

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I received a phone call this week from a person suffering from a tragic loss because of a car accident.  I told her I would post about my own path in dealing with grief. First I offer my deepest condolences and I hope something in what I am writing today, and in the next few days,  will in some small way help to lighten the sadness.

As I looked for something to ease her pain, a post I wrote in 2009 came up.  

Audrey writes to her dad:
Background:  In 2008 or 9 my dad showed me a letter that he had been carrying around with him for 2 years.   It was one I sent him when he was grieving the loss of his wife of 32 years.  He had lost his first wife (my mom) almost 40 years before that, after many years of her suffering with cancer.  So there was a lot of built up emotion of two loves and two tragic loses. 

I am reprinting parts of the letter in hopes that it will offer some solace to others who are grieving.  My dad said it was of great help to him, and I guess it was, since he was still carrying it around 2 years later.     I have removed the very personal parts and just left the information about how to change feelings of dispair.

Basic Tip:  For every negative thought or image, create two that work better. Ones that enhance rather than tear down.    I know it is a “push” to do this when you are sad, yet it really can make a powerful difference in your emotional state.   

We gain more from creating pictures and thoughts that create pleasant scenes, rather than ones of pain and sadness.”


This is the letter my dad had saved:

To my wonderful Dad,
Please read this, I hope it might help in some way with the pain and loneliness you are feeling.

Dad, in this very sad time I realize how hard it is to believe you will ever feel happy again.  And grief is normal and expected when you lose someone you love.

I know how much pain and suffering you both went through during (Name left out) 7 year illness.  Now that she has passed you keep remembering the horror what your beloved wife went through.   I see how these “pictures”  affect you,they cause you to relive those traumatic memories again and again. Thinking of the trauma isn’t helpful,  it doesn’t ease her suffering, it just re-creates yours.

I also hear you talking about many wonderful times you had together before her illness.  Unfortunately,  almost as soon as you have those positive memories, the pictures of pain and sadness, overtake you again. And the tears start to flow.

I am sending you some thoughts that come from the book I wrote called, Power of Thought.  I know how hard you tried to ease her pain, I remember the scary, traumatic events you told me about.  I’m not asking you to forget, just asking you to use that creative brain in a way that serves you better than reliving trauma.  Reliving the fear, sadness and trauma unfortunately doesn’t change what happened.  If it did,  then it would  be serving a positive purpose.  But it just re-traumatizes you and doesn’t help (name left out) to suffer any less.

Your whole life you’ve always looked for  the “silver lining.”   No matter how hard the situation, you were able to put a positive spin on it.  That is one of your wonderful qualities, finding the good even in the most difficult of times.  And I hope as you read the words I write that they will remind you of how to do this again.

So continue to use your mind and thoughts to bring back the positive  memories.  It’s ok to re-create the sweet joy of your marriage.   And when you do at times feel the horror and pain, that is OK too, just don’t stay there too long.   Imagine the  healing taking place in those tears.

I will continue this post tomorrow.

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Anxiety, Fear, Grief, Panic get your questions answered Free

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Great news – Next month we are offering a complimentary question and answer coaching workshop.  This is for people who want to know what can be done to end the suffering from anxiety, panic, worry, grief or feeling stuck.

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More information on the Q & A coaching workshop.
During your first complementary online coaching call, a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Anxiety Control Center will start you off with the 60 second exercise for instant calm.   Then we will answer your questions and give you ideas of what you can do to change old patterns that get in the way of living life to the fullest.

For over 25 years we have been helping people get lasting relief from panic, anxiety, worry, procrastination, stress, migraines & IBS.  The “magic” happens because of the combination of techniques used in The Transformation System.  This system for true and lasting relief was developed at the Anxiety Control Center.  It brings together the best techniques from Cognitive & Behavioral therapies, Hypnosis (Classical and Ericksonian) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, all combined and individualized for each persons unique needs.  Problems such as: panic, anxiety, exhaustion, self-doubt, procrastination, anger and health problems respond quickly to this system.

Looking forward to having you join us on our next Free Online Coaching Call.  So either contact Audrey by clicking here or just sign up at the right hand corner of this page to be put on our mailing list.


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How to Shake memories you want to forget – #2

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It is possible to change old reactions.
I have been showing people how for over 27 years.

Today we will start looking at the answers to getting release from memories of past abuse and trauma.   We start with question 1 that was sent in to the Anxiety Control Center.

Question 1:
I’m just wondering how do I shake memories that I want to forget.  I’ve tried distraction and forgiveness but I and can’t seem to let them go?  Old memories of abuse when I was a child surface everyday, and last almost all day.  I tell myself to just stop, it doesn’t work they come unbidden.  I’m 35 years old and it seems to me that there hasn’t been a day that goes by, where some awful memory doesn’t surface.   As ashamed as I am to admit this, I am reaching out because I really need help and some advice. I pray that there is a way to forget.

Answer from Audrey Sussman PhD:
Thank you for reaching out, I realize how difficult it is to ask for help and how frustrating it must be to try so hard and still be bombarded with old memories. 

So the first thing I want to do is to re-assure you that it is possible to “shake the memories” that are interfering with having a happy, fulfilling life.  It is what I help people do in my practice every day.

Let’s look at why distraction and forgiveness may not be working.

One of the reasons that memories continue to have power is because of the strong emotions connected to them.   It is almost impossible to “shake the memories” until the underlying emotions attached to the memory are released.

That may be why trying to use distraction or forgiveness hasn’t worked for you.  When you try to distract yourself, you might have found that it helps for a while.  Unfortunately, as you have found, the memory surfaces again and self-blame for not succeeding might then be added to the original issues of the abuse.

You want to forgive and move on but get frustrated when no matter your intentions the memory surfaces again.

This is because the true problem can’t be fixed in this way.  To get true and lasting relief . . . .      this will be continued in the next post



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Relief from Fear and Depression – Todd’s Story – Part 1

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Today I will be talking about life changing hypnotic techniques.  This is the story of Todd and how changing a long held negative belief about himself has freed him from depression and fear.  I’ll refer to my client as Todd (the name has been changed for confidentiality).  Todd is a 45 year old man. He is a married with two children and people who know him would never guess at the anxiety and depression that he has been suffering all  his life.

He has accomplished so much in his life, yet when he came to see me he told me he thought he needed to be hospitalized.  He said it couldn’t take it anymore.  As we talked he told me that had used alcohol to try to get some peace, but it came with a price, and never really truly brought him the peace he sought.

Although he has been sober for 5 years he was still feeling guilty about the anger and rage that he directed at all around him when he had been drinking.   He was afraid his had ruined his relationships and that there was no hope for him.

Since Todd was in crisis when he came to therapy,  our first session lasted for 3 hours.  He already was very clear about how he wanted his life to be.  We started using a simple breathing exercise to get into a light hypnotic trance state.  This light trance enabled Todd to go deeper into his unconscious to uncover additional goals he was hoping we could work on.

We started working with his feeling of depression.  Using the tight feeling in his chest Todd was able to follow it back to a memory.  It turned out that this was the first memory at the root of his depression and anger.  In the “root” memory he was only 3 years old.  This was the first time he could remember his mother screaming at him, that he would “never amount to anything.”  Unfortunately there were many more memories of hearing these words screamed at him.   At three he didn’t have the life experience to understand that this couldn’t be a true statement.  Since he was only 3 years old.   More about Todd in the next post tomorrow.

If you would like to know more about Todd and how he was able to transform his life email me and let me know. Click here to email Audrey. Feel free to share issues that you are dealing so I can discuss some of the techniques and how they might help you.

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Depression, Grief 2 Comments »


Audrey Sussman PhD Audrey Sussman PhD, LCSW, NBCCH, Director Anxiety Control Center

Has the thought of summer ending triggered feelings of loss or sadness?  If so you are not alone.  At different times of the year the Anxiety Control Center gets inundated with phone calls from people suffering from melancholy, loneliness, sadness or anxiety.

Would you like instantly transform uncomfortable feelings to ones of excitement, hope, calm, security and balance?

It may surprise you to learn that the let down feelings are actually not due to the change of season.  It is actually caused by thoughts, pictures and memories that move quickly through the mind.  Some people are aware of these thoughts, and others are completely unaware, but just know that they feel “down” or depressed.

For example with the ending of summer, many people who feel let down have thoughts of a cold, dark, lonely winter approaching.  Others are sad because they haven’t done all they expected to during the summer.  These feelings then trigger other old memories of sadness or disappointment that adds to the negative feelings.

The good news is that there are many ways to quickly change feelings and gain a new perspective.  To begin the process of transforming negative feelings to positive ones it’s important to understand how these feelings come about in the first place.  There are two major ways that upset feelings are created: 1) Thinking about upsetting past issues or 2) Thinking about awful things that might happen in the future, and worrying about them as if they have already taken place.  When a person concentrates on all the possible negative scenarios that might come about, it is understandable that feelings of sadness, fear or insecurity arise.

The first easy method in taking back control of your feelings is to begin to recognize the thoughts underlying them, and then to change them to more enhancing, positive thoughts.  Do the following: 1. Think about an event that has been causing sadness, anger or another uncomfortable feeling.  2. Make a list of each negative thought that you have attached to this event.  3. Then write down two (possible) positive thoughts, for each negative one you have written down.

For example if you were thinking about a cold, dreary winter, you could make up a   more positive picture of an exciting winter activity, like skiing, sledding, or ice-skating, and then another thought of yourself doing something else you enjoy in the winter months, like sitting by a warm fire, or sipping a cup of hot cocoa.

By changing your focus to these new, more positive thoughts, you send a message to your subconscious mind that will begin to change feelings to more positive ones.  Since it is your mind you might as well use it in this positive way.

Of course, this is only the start, there are other techniques available to clear deeply held negative emotions, so that you can recover your zest for life.  Click here to email us directly to get articles, more information about upcoming workshops, e-courses and upcoming free online tele-seminars.

To claim your own copy of 2 powerful mind calming exercises.
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