Stop Worry, Procrastination and Self Doubt
Use the Mind-Body Connection
to Stop Worry, Anxiety, Procrastination and Self-Doubt

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Have you wondered why you get stressed?

For most people it is a natural response to the daily activities in our lives and most of the time it serves a positive function, keeping us aware and helping us to react quickly in dangerous situations.

However, when stress leads to a racing mind, procrastination, worry, feeling stuck, or health issues it no longer serves a positive function.

A number of years ago, I was working with a client, who was a V.P of a large company.  She said she was seeking my help because the big boss told her she needed to do something about the paperwork cluttering her desk.   She wanted me to hypnotize her to stop fighting cleaning her desk.

As we spoke it became obvious that other issues were going on.   She was actually a very organized person, and was able to find everything she needed, even when her desk looked messy.

As you can probably guess, we looked deeper. Most of the time the real problem is outside of conscious awareness.  And as we spoke other issues surfaced. She was handling all the major buying for her company, was managing 16 employees who worked directly under her, and oversaw the secretarial staff and legal team.  All of a sudden she recognized how angry she felt towards boss for making an issue of her organizational skill even though she was doing her job and more.

As she spoke she admitted that she was feeling pain in her stomach.  It turned out this pain had been going on for a few years, ever since her mother passed and she became her dad’s caretaker.

This very intelligent woman came to me to deal with a messy desk issue but this was the tip of the iceberg.  My job as a therapist was to help her to gently look at the big iceberg just beneath the surface.

This woman was handling all of the responsibilities life threw at her with a cool, calm exterior.  She didn’t realize that her body was reacting to the stress, sadness, and anger just beneath the surface.

Stress, even when you are not conscious of it will have a harming effect on the body.

 How do you know if stress is affecting you?  If you feel:

Frozen or Stuck
Racing Mind
Difficulty focusing on tasks
Heart pounding while public speaking
Overwhelm or procrastination 

Then: Stress is Getting in Your Way

Recognizing that you are stressed is the first step. The next step is to have the tools to stop the stress, fear, and worry cycle.

One key tool is to understand how to use the Mind-Body connection to create calm.  Another is to learn to speak the language your unconscious mind to set calm as an automatic state of mind. 

When you learn how to relax your body, shift your thoughts (even a little bit), and release stuffed emotions, you get back in control of the stress cycle. You can then discover new abilities that steer your life in the direction you want to go, not where your stress reactions want to take you.

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