Anxiety  *  Tension  *   Fear  * Feeling Stuck

Upset Stomach   *   Rapid Heartbeat  * Headaches

Sleep Disturbances  * Frustration  * Procrastination

Racing Mind   *   Worry   *   Fatigue


Audrey Sussman PhD, LCSW, LMHC, NBCCH, CSL

You Can Change Your Life!

The Anxiety Control Center’s Transformation system is a program designed specifically for people suffering with panic, anxiety, fear, sadness, procrastination, anger, migraines and stomach/bowel issues.  Our clients have found lasting relief from these issues using our system.  The “magic” happens because we have found a way to  combine both Ericksonian and Classical hypnosis with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive /Behavioral techniques.  This combination makes relief possible even after years of suffering.

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People are truly amazed at the changes they get after experiencing the powerful Transformation System developed at the Anxiety Control Center.  If you would like to speak to someone who has already completed this program, click  to contact Audrey.
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“Irritable Bowel Syndrome controlled my life for over 20 years. Panic attacks brought me to therapy. I learned skills that enabled me to do things I had never dared before. The panic is gone. The IBS is under control.” K.C.

“When I started therapy, I was completely drained of energy. I was truly amazed at how energized I felt after using a Positive Future Image.” M.H.

“When I first started learning these techniques, I was very doubtful they would work for me. I was delightfully amazed when I was able to use these skills to get rid of migraine headaches.” M.G.

People who have used the powerful techniques in
our Transformation System
have gotten relief from many of their life challenges.

You too can get true relief from:

Fear of Flying *  Speech Anxiety
* Anger  * Depression * Exhaustion
Dental Phobias
Migraines   *
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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