Sleep Disturbances

Tossing, turning, watching the clock for hours – is this how you sleep? The harder you try to sleep, the more elusive it becomes. You’ve tried everything and are still awake. You are frustrated because you really want a restful night’s sleep. Worse yet, during the day you are tired.
There is hope!


Help for Sleeping

Use techniques 10 through 13 for restful sleep

10. “Tips For a More Relaxed Sleep”- will give you real strategies to use tonight for falling asleep.

11. The “Wonderful 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 All-Purpose Relaxer” – is one of the simplest skills to learn. It uses a three-layer approach to create a profound sense of total relaxation. This technique provides an excellent way to help you fall asleep. Use it again if you wake up during the night.

12. The “Soothing White Light” – is used to promote healing and calm through visualization using all the bodies’ senses.

13. “Passive Progressive Relaxation” – is a great mental exercise that, among other things, sharpens problem solving and creative thinking skills by using the mind to relax the body physically.



“When I began therapy, the main reason was panic attacks. I had all sorts of health problems that I never knew were related. Thanks to the techniques I learned, the health problems are gone. I’m still amazed that Audrey was somehow able to teach me to end the debilitating cramps and nausea associated with my menstrual cycle. As far as the attacks are concerned, I’m no longer fearful that I may have one. I know that I am in control of my mind, not the other way around.” TD