Panic * Irrational Fears * Phobias

One day you are shopping, driving or even sleeping, when suddenly, without warning, your heart begins to pound furiously. It feels as though it is about to break through your chest.  Or, you start to feel dizzy as you feel the sweat pouring down your body and the room seems to darken and a feeling of doom overshadows you.

These are the symptoms that people with panic disorder experience every day.  Even when the symptoms eventually pass, there may still be a fear that there is a terrible physical problem causing the symptoms.

Hundreds of people suffering with these symptoms end up in the emergency room, and are told that it’s just panic. It is understandable why people have a hard time not worrying, or why many start to blame themselves for this devastating condition.

When nothing physical can be found it is certainly understandable to feel frustrated and frightened.  And it really hurts if you are told, “it’s all in your mind” as if you choose to have this terrible thing happen to you.   Many fear that the doctor has missed something, as they go from doctor to doctor.

For some even if there was only one occurrence panic, they begin to fear that it will happen again.  The very fear of having a panic attack becomes part of the terrible cycle.  It begins to interrupt daily life and causes more anxiety.

This Can Be Changed!
Relief of these symptoms is possible.

The  underlying causes that create panic, can be healed.
Is is possible to learn to reprogram the mind to create calm and balance.

Techniques to Halt Fear

Use techniques 17 through 21 to halt fear.

17. “Goody Bag” – Obtain relief from anxious thoughts and panic using this technique. Equip yourself with the seven important items to ward off panic attacks. Use to alleviate fears when driving, flying, or any other time you are bothered by anxious thoughts.

18. “Rubber Band Snap” – Great for relieving fearful thoughts. Stops ‘what if’ thinking that bad things will happen at some future moment.

19. “The 2 for 1 Technique” – You will learn to replace each negative thought with twp positive ones. Practice this for two weeks and you’ll be amazed at how automatic this positive habit becomes. It’s an instant method to gain composure, confidence, and calm.

20. “Touch Anchor” – Just touch two fingers together and this technique will be a snap for gaining a true sense of calm, energy or any positive emotion you desire.

21. “Reservoir of Positive Feelings” – Use this to mentally transport yourself somewhere safe or  for a place to “recharge”.


“I used to get anxious at social events. I like the technique of thinking two positives for every negative thought. I use this skill to remind myself of past successes. A wonderful transformation takes place inside of me and being out with others actually becomes a joy.” RT