Transformation of Anger: Testimonial

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Quick tip for Anger Relief

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Quick tip for anger relief:

Today a client sent the following e-mail asking for a tip to “cool down”.
Hi Audrey,
I’m due for my period next week and I am soooooo moody. I can feel my blood boil. I have NO patience and I’m taking it out on my little 4 year old son.  Not anything drastic just a lack of patience, but I don’t like myself that way.

Any quick fixes until I see you?? Thank you!!!

I thought it might be helpful to others who might have a similar situation if I posted the request and the reply.  I don’t go into detail on the techniques in my return email, because she already is familiar with the techniques I mentioned.  I do have a study course teaching them, coming in February.   For those of you who already  know these hypnotic techniques my reply might serve as a helpful reminder for using them.

Hi _______

I just have a moment before my next client so here is a quick tip:

1.  First focus on your blood boiling and start the tapping sequence.
Remember, first tap on face, under nose and under lip, then on the back of your hand.
Don’t try to change anything just tap.

Use your rating gauge to rate you level
of anger/blood boiling before
and after doing each technique.
That way you’ll know if there is a change

2. Then let the light be all around you, imagine your breathing it in with each breath . . . let it  fill you.  Don’t try to change anything just let the light fill you with each breath.  Notice the color of the light as you gently breath.

3.  You are a kind and wonderful mother, I know that you have been trying to fix the problem by telling yourself to stop being so moody.  I also imagine that you’ve been feeling bad about not having the patience that you usually have.   And then feeling angry with yourself, just makes it worse, as I’m sure you have noticed. Working at change on the conscious level can lead to more frustration, when the anger doesn’t go away. Using the unconscious just by focusing on breathing, changes things, it goes into the programming and begins to sooth things.  I know there is a lot going on in your life right now and considering all of the stress you are doing amazingly well.

4.  So, just for the next few moments,  don’t try to stop the feelings,  just recognize that you are having the thoughts and feelings and do the tapping exercise.  Follow this up by imagining the light surrounding you and breath normally, focusing on the tip of your nose.  Even a few moments can begin to make a difference.

Now, you are using the part of the mind (the unconscious part) that can help without you consciously trying to do anything.
No expectations just do and see what changes.  Well continue to work on an even deeper root level when I next see you. You have so much courage.

Hope this helps.

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